FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia creates a quarter final position through penalty shoot-out by defeating Spain

Host Russia continued his dreamy campaign in the 2018 World Cup, defeating 2010 champion Spain 4-3 in the penalty shootout, and made it to the quarter-final after 48 years.

Russia creates a quarter final postion through penalty shoot-out by defeating Spain

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The hero of Russia’s victory was definitely his goalkeeper, Igor Akfefov, who did many great defenses during the match, and then in the penalty shootout, two deflected the Luzerny Stadium in a celebration. Regular and up to the time the match was at 1-1.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Spain in front of Russia for quarter-finals

Spain kept the ball in the regular and extra time for 79 percent of the time, but failed to penetrate the defense of Russia, especially the goalkeeper, Akhifov. In the 11th minute he made an impressive lead by Sergei Igneshev’s suicide goal. Russia got the penalty in the 41st minute on which Artam Dazyuba scored the equalizer.

Finally, the winner was decided on the penalty shootout. Feder Samolov, Ignacio, Alexander Golovin and Dennis Cherrieschev were successful in the semifinals of Russia. Andrei Iniesta, Gerard Pick and Sergio Ramos scored goals from Spain, but both Kock and Aygo Espace shot Akhiliev with great beauty.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia-Denmark to make a place in quarterfinals

Russia (Soviet Union) had earlier made space in the last eight in 1970. He will now face the winner of the match between Croatia and Denmark on July 7 in the quarterfinals.

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