FIFA World Cup 2018: Neymar’s magic, Brazil wins against Mexico in quarter-finals

Neymar and Brazil, who failed to achieve the rhythm in the league round, showed their true colors against Mexico and made it to the quarter-finals. Five-time champion Brazil defeated Mexico 2-0 in the pre-quarterfinals. The team scored both goals in the second half.

Neymar's magic, Brazil wins against Mexico in quarter-finals
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Neymar scored the first goal in the 51st minute while Roberto Fermingo, who came to the field in the last minute, doubled Brazil’s lead in the 88th minute. If Mexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa had not done some good defense, then Brazil’s victory margin would have been more than that.

Brazil made it to the quarter-finals for the seventh consecutive time, while Mexico failed to progress beyond the last 16 for seven consecutive times. Brazil will face the winner of the match between Belgium and Japan in the quarter-finals.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Today Brazil will play against Mexico

Brazil dominated in the last 20 minutes of the first half and maintained their offensive attitude in the second half. Neymar also managed to score William raised problems for Mexico from the left edge. He gave a cross below the goalpost, on which Gabriel missed the man, but Neymar was in the mosque and he did not make any mistake in handing the ball to the goal.

Neymar also played a key role in making the second goal after this. He proceeded to handle the ball from the left end and shot down the goal towards the goal, which Ochoa tried to stop but Firmingo was ready who handed him to the goalpost.

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Both teams started aggressively but in the first 20 minutes Mexico showed more confidence and rhythm. Meanwhile, both teams could get chances but both of Mexico’s Haring Lajano and Brazilian Neymar could not afford them.

The Brazilian team slowly caught the rhythm Neymar had a good chance in the 25th minute but Mexico’s Goalkeeper Ochoa came forward and failed this effort with great beauty.

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Brazil had dominated Mexico from the beginning in the second half. Otto did not let Kotinho score goals, but he got the advantage of making constant pressure when Neymar scored the goal.

This was Neymar’s sixth goal in the World Cup, which equals Roberto Rivelino and Bobto. This was the 227th round of Brazil’s World Cup. This left him behind Germany and set a new record.

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Williams was in the best form. He also made an opportunity in the 63rd minute, but Ochoa again defended the best. Mexico also broke the Brazilian defense on some occasions in the meantime. On such an occasion, Hector Herrera stopped the ball to Andres Guardo, but his shot was stopped by Thego Silva.

In the meantime, Brazil coach Taty put the fielding in place of Cotinho, who scored a goal after two minutes and six seconds on the field.

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