FIFA World Cup 2018: Messi’s dream of winning the World Cup broken, France defeated Argentina 4-3

Lionel Messi’s world dream of winning the World Cup once again got broke. France defeated Argentina 4-3 to make it to the quarter-finals. Messi played world cup for the first time in 2006, and now he was playing his fourth World Cup but could not win trophy.

Messi's dream of winning the World Cup broken, France defeated Argentina 4-3
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In today’s match, France looked heavily on Argentina and as soon as the match started, they got hold on the match. The team got a penalty in the 13th minute and Antonio Gregman gave the ball to the team from the goal post. Argentina retaliated afterwards for the last time the ball remained away from the round post. In the 41st minute shortly before the first half ended, De Maria brought the team to a perfect score from 35 yards distance.

With the start of the second half, Argentina began to put pressure on France, the advantage they got in the 48th minute and Gabriel Marcado, on the edge and Messi, gave the goalkeeping team an edge. This was the only moment when Messi’s team was ahead in the match, but their lead lasted only for 9 minutes, and Benjamin Pavad made a brilliant goal to bring France to the ranks.

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After playing the second goal, the game of Argentina was completely scattered. France constantly pressurized the opposition team and managed to break Argentina’s scattered defense. In the 64th and 68th minutes, Kylianne Mbeppe made the team ahead 4-2. Argentina almost came out of the match and its impact on the players was also visible. In the last minute, Messi’s team tried hard to score and Sergei Aguero was able to score goals in the inning time.

In the first half, Argentina made an impression of grabbing the ball, but, despite of that Messi, couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities. In Dug Out, the relief of the face of manager Didier Deschamps was clearly visible after the draw.

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France and Argentina were confronting each other for the 12th time. South American country had won six out of the last 11 games, while two were in the draw.

The French team made six changes in the opening team, choosing both Paul Pogba and Mbappe in the team.

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