FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia reaches quarter-finals, now have to face Russia

On the brilliant display of goalkeeper Danijel Subascic in the penalty shootout, Croatia defeated Denmark 3-2 (1-1) in the pre-quarterfinal match played on Sunday night, out of the tournament. In the match played at the Nizhniy Novgorod Arena, the score was 1-1 for the scheduled time and due to lack of goals in the match, the match went on in a penalty shootout where three Croatia players scored the goal, and only two players managed to score the goal for Denmark.

Croatia reaches quarter-finals, now have to face Russia
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FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia creates a quarter final position through penalty shoot-out by defeating Spain

Denmark’s strong start in the match

Croatia’s goalkeeper Subasik has three fantastic defenses while Denmark’s Caspar Shamikal can not stop the ball from going into the goal only twice. Denmark made a strong start in the match and made the lead in the first minute. Denmark defender Jonas Knudsen threw him in the box from the right end, with the help of Mathias Jogrenson giving the lead to his team. This joy of Denmark did not last long. In the fourth minute, Croatia attacked and star striker Mario Manjukic gave a fine goal to the team, crossing the box inside the box.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Spain in front of Russia for quarter-finals

The two teams competing in the second half

Croatia scored a free kick in the 11th minute after scoring the goal of equalizer but Ivan Pericic did not get the ball in the goal. Percyik got another chance to give an edge to his team in the 29th minute but he missed it. In the last moments of the first half, midfielder Ivan Reichtick, who played with FC Barcelona, ​​tried to score goals from outside the box. However, he could not distinguish Shimaikal. In the second half, the two teams got stiff competition. In the first 20 minutes, both the teams tried to make control of the ball so that the pace of the match slowed and no team could make the lead.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia-Denmark to make a place in quarterfinals

Score 1-1 at the scheduled time

Croatia in the 77th minute of the match, and the charismatic midfielder Luca Modric, who was standing in Real Madrid, tried to give the team an edge by scoring a goal from the box but they could not control the ball right. At the scheduled time the score was 1-1 and the match went in extra time where Denmark’s dominance was noticed. However, in the 117th minute, Jogrenson dropped forward Ente Rebeic in the box, due to which Croatia got penalties. Captain Luca Modric hit his right hand shot on which Shmikal best defended and went on to match penalty shootout.

Croatia to host Russia on Saturday

Andrzej Marionic, Modric and Reykitic scored for Croatia in the shootout while Mitchell Cron-Dayi and Simon Kier managed to score goals for Denmark. Denmark’s Christian Erikson, Lacey Showen and Jogrenson missed the round. Milan Badellz and Josip Pavaric failed to penetrate Denmark’s goalkeeper. Croatia will clash with hosts Russia on quarter-final on Saturday.

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