FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia-Denmark to make a place in quarterfinals

In the first match of the FIFA World Cup knock-out round, Croatia will play against Denmark in the Nizhny Novgorod Arena. Since 1998 the Croatia Group could not move beyond the round. After 20 years, this team once again reached the knock-out round. Croatia has to come up with a solid strategy in all the matches. The good thing is that his strategies have been successful and his players have been successful in implementing them.

Croatia-Denmark to make a place in quarterfinals
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The strings of Croatia are considered heavy in this match. The Denmark Group was successful in winning just one match. He defeated Peru 1-0, while Australia played 1-1 draw. In his last match of the group round, he had a match-tied equalizer like France. This match will have added to his morale and he will go on the field with confidence.

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Denmark’s lineup has not performed well yet. It is a matter of concern for him because now the tournament is at the point where the failure to score a goal can be sent out. His defense has been good, but what would be the team’s defense against Croatia, in the same way that it would be able to defend its circle. In 1998, Denmark made a place in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in France. He will try to repeat the same success.



Goalkeeper – Caspar Shmikeal, Jonas Lossle, Federik Ronbow

Defender – Simon Kair, Andrés Christensen, Matthias Jorgenson, Janic Westergard, Heinrich Dalsgard, Jens Strugger Larsen, Jonas Nudsen

Midfielder: William Quinn, Thomas Delano, Lucas Lerragar, Lasse Showne, Christian Erikson, Michelle Cron-Daly

Striker: Pioneer Sisto, Martin Brathwaite, Andrés Cornelius, Victor Fischer, Yusuf Polson, Nikolai Jorgenson, Kasper Dolberg.

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Goalkeeper: Denizel Subascic, Lowroo Colinic and Dominique Livakovic.

Defender: Vedran Kalurka, Domagose Vida, Ivan Streinik, Dejan Lovren, Sime Vaslajko, Josip Pavarik, Tin Zedwaze, Duje Saleta Car.

Midfielder: Luca Modric, Matteo Kovachik, Ivan Reckittik, Milan Badlodge, Maserlo Brazovic and Philip Bradrique.

Frazdar: Mario Manjukic, Ivan Pericic, Nikola Kalinic, Andrzej Karamarkic, Marco Pija and Ente Rebeic.

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