FIFA World Cup 2018: Uruguay on a hat trick, defeats host Russia by 3-0

Uruguay finished the hat-trick of victory by defeating host Russia 3-0 in the third and final match of the FIFA World Cup Group-A with 10 players. With this, Uruguay ended the group round while staying at the top. His three matches have nine points, with three wins. Russia’s three matches have six points, with two wins and one defeat.

Uruguay on a hat trick, defeats host Russia by 3-0
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Uruguay didn’t get a single goal in all the matches of the group round and always got a clean. Uruguay has done this for the fifth time, when he ended the game  cleanly in the World Cup. Earlier Uruguay ended the group stage in 1930, 1950, 1954 and 2010 without geeting any goal against them.

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Both the teams, who had already made it to the last 16, wanted to end the group tour with the first place, so both played aggressive football.

Russia saw aggression in the last two matches, and gott weaken against Uruguay’s defense. At the same time Uruguay’s defense was doing well, their aggression too dominated Russia. they got a free kick in the 10th minute, which Luis Suarez changed to goal and made Uruguay 1-0 ahead.

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It was the 52nd international goal of Suarez. After lagging behind a goal, the level of the game of Russia was not dropped. He was playing in the same rhythm. In the 17th minute they got a chance to make goal. But unfortunately, the head of the decked Artem Dzuba move the ball over the bar.

Dennis Cherishche, who scored the most goals in this World Cup for Russia, surrendered against  Uruguay 2-0 with a belligerent goal. In fact, in the 23rd minute Uruguay got a corner and the Russian defender cleared it. Ball went to Diego Laczot, standing outside the penalty area, Diego’s kicked that ball which got collided with Cherishev’s feet and went to the net and Russia got frustrated due to this.

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Uruguay also lost the chance to score two more goals after this. It was worse for Russia that his Igor Smolnikov received two yellow cards in the 30th and 36th minute due to which he had to go out. From here, Russia played a match with 10 players.

In the second half, Russia improved its game and took the test of Uruguay’s defense. Although the lack of finishing in the first half was seen in Russia, it continued in the half. The same was the case with Uruguay. Despite playing with 10 players, Russia continued to fail in the penalty area of ​​Uruguay’s invasion line.

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In the 69th minute however Adilson Kawani made the opportunity for Uruguay but he went off the ball and could not open his account in the World Cup. He scored his goal in the 90th minute with a rebound on the corner and finally opened his account.

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