FIFA World cup 2018: Sharing Ronaldo’s video, Virat told him- G.O.A.T, Learn what it means

The fever of the FIFA World Cup is at everybody’s head at this time. The disappointing performance of the title contenders in the group stage has added excitement in the World Cup.

Sharing Ronaldo's video, Virat told him- G.O.A.T, Learn what it means
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The big stars of the cricket world are also interested in football quite ahead. Team India captain Virat Kohli, who is resting after the IPL, is not missing a chance to see the FIFA World Cup.

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This can be clearly observed from the fact that he shared Ronaldo’s last goal against Spain in Instagram.

Virat Kohli shared this video on Instagram, “Believe in yourself, bravery, G.O.A. Ronaldo.” Actually this is the meaning of G.O.A.T:  Greatest Of All Time.

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It is not the first time that Virat Kohli has praised Ronaldo. Virat has said beforehand that he is most likely to follow Ronaldo in football.

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