FIFA World Cup 2018: Saudi Arabia won for the first time in history by defeating Egypt 2-1

Saudi Arabia beat Egypt 2-1 in the second match of group A in the Football World Cup on Monday, ending their campaign victorious. This is the first victory of Saudi Arabia in the Football World Cup. Both teams were already out of the world cup.

Saudi Arabia won for the first time in history by defeating Egypt 2-1
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In the match played in the Volgograd Arena, Saudi Arabia start better than expected and earned the corner in the eighth minute. However, Egypt’s defense did not allow Saudi Arabia to make an initial edge.

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After the initial set back, Egypt improved its game. Due to Egypt’s spectacular defense, players from Saudi Arabia tried to chant away from long distance but they could not succeed.

In the 22nd minute of the match, Abdulla Al-Said passed the half-line pass from the Egyptian star forward Mohammed Advan, who made good control over the ball and chipped on Goalkeeper and gave his team a 1-0 lead. This is the salah’s second goal in the world cup, who was suffering from shoulder injury for some time.

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Two minutes after salah got a chance to make a goal but couldn’t succeed in it because he tried to chip it over the goalkeeper but couldn’t do that.

Saudi Arabia got another chance to score in the 41st minute through penalties, but the 45-year-old goalkeeper from Egypt, Esam al-Hadri, who is in the World Cup, has done a great defense by jumping on his right. However, he has not been able to maintain the edge of his team for a long time.

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After half Time (51st minute), Salman al-Furaj scored a goal by scoring a penalty for his team.

After scoring  equal goal, Saudi Arabia raised the level of their game. In the 62nd minute, the players of Saudi Arabia made the opportunity to score a great goal in the opposition’s box, but defender Amro Gaber kept his team in the match while making significant tackles.

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In the last 10 minutes of the match, both the teams tried to score goals and in the end, success was on the hands of Saudi Arabia. In the Injury time (95th minute) Abdulla OTayeff gave a brilliant cross in the box on which Salem al-Dwasari gave a header.

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