How much time you waste on Facebook, these tools will give full information

Are you troubled by the addiction to running Facebook? If so, Facebook is bringing you a tool that will overcome your problem. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook is working on a tool that will tell you how much time you are wasting on social media platforms.

How much time you waste on Facebook, these tools will give full information
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‘Your Time Facebook’ is a tool that can help you find out how much time you spent in the last week and how much time you spend on your Facebook in one day. Facebook will also give you an alert with the help of settings that will help you find out that you have started using Facebook more. However, it is an unrolled tool that may be rolled out quickly. But yes, this tool will definitely tell you how many hours you have spent on Facebook in one day. It has not been revealed yet that it will be rollout through Android or any other platform.

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There will also be an app in Google Android P, which will tell you how many times you have opened the phone during the day, which app is most likely to run, the most notified of what information you have. The time limit option will be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 180 minutes.

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In one survey, it has been revealed that almost 65 percent of the people are those who want to control their smartphone usage. At the same time, it has been reported in the survey that 70 percent of the youth tried to levy a limit on the time spent on smartphones.

Explain that on one side, where technology makes your life easier, on the other hand, it puts you in a world where it is difficult for anyone to get out of it.

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