FIFA World Cup 2018 Highlights: Mexico and Belgium in the last 16, Germany won

FIFA World Cup played in three matches in 2018 yesterday. Where the first match was between Belgium and Tunisia, in the second match, Mexico defeated Korea and made it to the last 16. And the final match was the most important match where in Germany, the German player Kroos beat Sweden 2-1 due to the fine free kick.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Highlights
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Belgium VS Tunisia

Belgium beat Tunisia by 5-2
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Belgium has defeated Tunisia in the final 16th round of the FIFA World Cup, on the brilliant display of Captain Eden Hejard (6th, 51st minute) and Romelu Lukaku (16th, 48th minute). In the Group-G match played at the Sputak Stadium on Saturday, Belgium defeated Tunisia 5-2 to be eliminated from the World Cup.

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Apart from Hejard and Lukaku, in addition to Hejard and Lukaku in the match for Belgium, Mithi Batsuya (90th minute) also scored, while two goals for Tunisia were Delon Bron (18th minute) and captain Vaibi Khajari (93rd minute).

Korea VS Mexico

In the first FIFA World Cup held in Russia, defeating the current champion Germany, defeating Germany, the bigger counterfeit, Mexico today will want to beat South Korea and enter the final 16. Mexico is in second place after Sweden with three points in Group F and now she has a chance to reach the next round. At the same time, South Korea suffered a 0-1 defeat in Sweden in their first match, thanks to which the team is at number four on the bottom of the group.
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Mexico defeated Korea 2-1 in their second match of Group F in the Rostov Arena in FIFA World Cup on Saturday, making it to the pre-quarterfinals.

This is the second consecutive victory in this World Cup in Mexico. In the first match, Mexico beat the current winner Germany 1-0. He is the first team to reach the final-16 from his group.

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For Mexico Carlos Vella scored goals in the first half and Javier Hernandez scored in the second half. For Korea, Hayune Min Son scored the only goal in the last minute.

Germany VS Sweden

FIFA World Cup 2018: Tony Kroos relieved to make amends for Germany, Sweden vs Germany
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The current FIFA World Cup champion Germany defeated Sweden 2-1 in the second game of Graf F. on Saturday night, thanks to a strong goal made by Carrying midfielder Tony Krus in the Inzime Time (95th). After this victory, Germany has three points and has kept its hopes of reaching the pre-quarterfinals alive.

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In the 32nd minute, the German player once again lost control of the ball in his half and Sweden’s midfielder Victor Clasen gave a fine pass to Ola Toivonen, who gave the ball a goal by scoring a noir and giving the team a 1-0 lead.

Germany also made a strong start to the second half and scored equal goals in the 48th minute. Striker Timo Werner gave the best flip box in the box with the right flank. Midfielder Marco Reus did not make any mistake in the ball and scored his first goal in the tournament.

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Germany had a shock in the 82nd minute, defender Jerome Boateng had to leave the ground due to the second yellow card. Germany got a free kick on the left end near the box at the time of injuries, where Tony Kroos scored an impressive goal and gave his team an unexpected win.

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