WhatsApp, before updating the payment feature, know what its policy update means?

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp is going to formally launch the payment service in India. In this episode, Whatsapp has made changes in its privacy policy today. In the new policy, the payment feature has been mentioned. Remember that now beta testing of payment features is going on in India and around 10 lakh people are being tested for this new feature. In India, there are 200 million users of WhatsApp, for which this feature has not been formally launched.

WhatsApp, before updating the payment feature, know what its policy update means
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“We are updating our privacy policy,” said a spokeswoman for Whatsapp. The payment term service has been added to it. Its purpose is to explain to people in simple language how the payment feature works. In addition, mutual payment service has also been mentioned in this regard. We have worked with the National Payment Corporation for Payment Service NPCI and Bank Partner. At the same time, we have talked with the Indian government about it.

Further, the company said that Whatsapp has allowed NPCI to facilitate the payment of the UPA by partnering with the banks. Although its date of launch will not be confirmed, but through this new term-condition update, we have come closer to the launch process.

Testing WhatsApp Payments is going on

Whatsapp started in beta operations of WhatsApp Payment in India in February this year. During this beta operation it is available for one million, that is, 10 million users. With its launch next week, it will be available to more than 200 million users in India. This figure is 20 times more than the number of users of Paytm.

What is the UPA payment?

Unified Payment Interface is a payment system in which you can transfer money to anyone in a country with very easy ways. It mobilizes the information of the user with the help of the mobile number. In this user can transfer money by making unique ID. It is a payment system that lays the lien for NPCI (National Payment Corporation) banks. Whereby the banks offer the option of NEFT, IMPS as well as UPI for money transfer in their app. Its biggest feature is that money can be transferred or made without an account number here.


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