What will be special in the new iPhone 2018, how different it will be from the previous iPhone.

Apple knocks in the market every year with its new iPhone model, and this year, speculation about Apple’s 2018 iPhone model has accelerated. There is no official information about what will be the name of the iPhone coming this year or what features it will have, but many leaked reports have come out so that it can be estimated that what will be the specialty of the upcoming new iPhone. We are telling you all the information that has come to the incoming iPhone so far.

What will be special in the new iPhone 2018, how different it will be from the previous iPhone.

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Like the year 2017, Apple could launch three iPhones this year too. There will be a premium flagship that will be the successor of the iPhone X, while two other iPhone models will be launched which will be cheap compared to it. These three will come with the same design as the launch of iPhone X last year. According to the reports, the value of the iPhone X’s succesor could be from $ 900 to $ 1000. The price of the second iPhone is between $ 800 and $ 900, and the cheapest iPhone costs $ 600 to $ 700.

According to Analyst Ming Chi Kou, who provided the information related to Apple, the iPhone X Plus, which will be the most premium iPhone model of the year, will have a 6.5-inch screen. Two iPhones can come with OLED screen this year, while the third iPhone will come with a 6.1-inch LCD display which will be the cheapest variant. This year, Apple is going to make big changes to the design. Now Apple will not design such as the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, but the new three will come with the same design as the iPhone X and will support Nokia.

This iPhone will be given the iOS 12 out-of-the box OS in the year 2018. Apple has recently launched this OS in a developer conference in which several new features such as screen time have been given. Not only this news that Apple can take off with the iPhone Dual SIM slot this time. So far all iPhones are single SIM supportive.

This is the truth of the leak report, it will be revealed after the launch. Apple launches new iPhone every month in September, and hopefully this iPhone can be launched in the first week of September this year.


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