Nick Jonas’s ex-girlfriend Delta’s broke heart, said, I can not fight Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ friendship started with ‘Mata Gala’ red carpet in 2017, has now turned into love. First Priyanka came to join Nick’s house to marry his brother, and now Nick himself has come to India with Priyanka. It is being told that Priyanka’s boyfriend has brought Nick to his family. Priyanka and Nick are sure of the thing. But among these, a statement came out of Nick Jonas’s X girlfriends Delta Guderem about their relationship.

Nick Jonas's ex-girlfriend Delta's broke heart, said, I can not fight Priyanka
© ABP News

In fact, Now to Love dot com has reported sources that Nick’s girlfriend Gerdurem’s heart has broken. After learning about Nick and Priyanka’s relationships, they have said that they can not compete with a big star like Priyanka Chopra, whose best friend is Royal.

Delta Guadrum is 33 years old. The relationship between him and Nick began in 2011, but after a year, the two had separated. Now long after Delta was once again in the heart of the Feelings for Nick, but when he wanted to speak his heart with Nick a few days ago, Nick told him that he was very serious about Priyanka. Delta’s heart is broken by listening to this talk of Nick.

It is worth mentioning that Nick Jonas has come to India with Priyanka Chopra this Friday. Every day, she stayed at Priyanka’s house every day, and in the night, Priyanka reached her mother, Madhu Chopra and Nick, in a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

In the last few months, both the stars were seen together many times, after which some kind of speculations were started about their relationship. Even though Priyanka and Nick have seen their hands thrown together, but neither Priyanka nor Nick has said anything about their relationship.


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