FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium vs Tunisia, Belgium will try to retain the the win

Belgium, who started with a win in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia, will want to maintain the goal of winning against Tunisia in their second match in Group G today. Belgium is at the top of the group with three points, while Tunisia is at third place due to first defeat in the first match. If Belgium were successful in winning the match at the Spurac Stadium in the match at 5.30 pm, they would be able to pre-quarterfinals.

Belgium vs Tunisia, Belgium will try to retain the the win
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Belgium won their first match

Belgian had beaten Panama 3-0 in their first match, while Tunisia had to face defeat 2-1 in England. The toughest thing for Tunisia is that its goalkeeper Moose Hassen has been out of the World Cup due to an injury in the shoulder. He was hurt in the match played against England.

Tunisia’s attack was good in the match played against England, but his defense looked weak. This is the reason that Captain Harry Kane scored twice on the goal post of Tunisia.

Tunisia coach Nabil Maloull has worked hard to improve the team’s mistakes in the match played against England and his goal is to win against Belgium all the time. In this sequence, his attack can be seen in a more robust form.

Tunisia’s Attacks and Defense is Strong

Although Belgium may have won 3-0 against Panama, but it was an inexperienced team. To avoid the attack of Tunisia, its defense will have to be strengthened further on the field. Coach Robert Martinez is trying to walk with his old plan, in which he would like to try to put pressure on Tunisia from the beginning.

Belgian and Panama World Cup will be a face-to-face event for the second time. Earlier, both the teams had met each other in the 2002 World Cup. The match between the two teams ended in a draw from 1-1.

If the match played at the Spartak Stadium had ended on the draw, then Belgium and Tunisia would have to issue points. In such a scenario, admission in the last -16 round of Belgium and Tunisia will depend on the final match played at their group level.



Goalkeeper: Ben Mustafa, Farukh Ben Mustafa

Defender: Ben Yusuf, Ben Allouane, Yassine Meriah, Osama Hadadi, Rami Bedoui, Delan Bron, Ali Malawal, Hamdi Nagwaj

Midfielder: Aniase Badri, Farejani Sassi, Mohammed Ben Amor, Ales Sakhiri

Forward: Sefhedini Khowi, Fakhardeddi Ben Yusuf, Vaibi Khajri, Ahmad Khalil, Basem Saraffee, Saber Khalifa, Bhalen Chalala, Nayam Stitu.


Goalkeeper: – Tibout cotreis, Simon Mignott, Coen Castles

Defender: – Toby Alderbirald, Thomas Vermällen, Vincent Kampani, Jan Watrenghane, Thomas Müniyer, Dedrick Boyata, Leander Dendoncker

Midfielder: – Excel Wistle, Kevin de Bruyne, Maruane Phaleni, Yanik Karsko, Thorgan Hejard, Yuri Tilmens, Moussa Demble, Nasser Chadli

Forward: – Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hejard, Dreis MertesEdenan Janujei, Michie Batsui.


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