FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium beat Tunisia by 5-2

Belgium has defeated Tunisia in the final 16th round of the FIFA World Cup, after the impressive performance of Captain Eden Hejard (6th, 51st minute) and Romelu Lukaku (16th, 48th minute). In this Group-G match played at the Spartak Stadium on Saturday, Belgium defeated Tunisia 5-2 and put them out of the World Cup.

Belgium beat Tunisia by 5-2
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Apart from Hejard and Lukaku, in addition to Hejard and Lukaku in the match for Belgium, Mithi Batsuya (90th minute) also scored, while two goals for Tunisia were Delon Bron (18th minute) and captain Vaibi Khajari (93rd minute).

First goal of the match in the 5th minute

In the fifth minute, Belgium got the chance to score on penalties, which Captain Eden Hazard opened the team’s account by converting it into the goal. After this, in the 16th minute, Lukaku shot a shot with the right foot and conveyed it to the goal post and gave the team a 2-0 lead.

Two minutes later, Tunisia took the opportunity of the first free kick and did not let it go. Captain Vobi Treasure kicked and passed it to his team, whom Delan Bron shot through the header and reached the Belgian goal post and opened the account of Tunisia and scored 12. This was Bron’s first international goal.

Bron got injured after a few minutes after the ball hit and went out of the ground. Hamdi Nagwes were called to the ground at their place. Here Tunisia also sharpened its attack and started battling Belgium’s defense. He got good opportunities to score goals, but the team was not able to afford it. In the meantime, in the 40th minute, his goalkeeper Ben Yusuf also went out of the ground after being hit. John Ben Allouanne was sent to the field on his place.

After the first half ended the scheduled time, the two teams received a four minute injection time. In this time, he lost the opportunity to score very close, but in the 48th minute, he shot a pass from Thomas Muneier to the left and took him to the left corner of Tunisia and made Belgium 3-1 ahead. This is Lukaku’s fourth goal in this World Cup and he has equaled Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal player. Ronaldo has also scored four goals in the tournament.

Belgium’s dominance in the second half

Belgian retains its dominance in the second half also. Captain Hejard took the opportunity in the 50th minute to direct football to the goal post of Tunisia and forward the team to 4-1.

After this, the struggle between the two teams continued for a long time. Tunisian defense and goalkeeper Mustafa were trying hard to prevent Belgium from scoring the fifth goal of this match. In the 79th minute Yankee Karsko hit a good shot from right, but Mustafa saved it.

On the final minute of the match in the 90th minute of Tunisia, while giving another blow on the defense, Yuri Tilemans passed from left to Mitchi Batsui, which Batsuyai directly sent to the goal team’s goal post and made Belgium 5-1 ahead.

Both teams got an extra time of three minutes. In the last minute, Nagwage gave away to Captain Khajri and Khajaris reached the Belgian goal post, and scored the team 2-5, but with this score, the Tunisian team lost to Belgium in this match.



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