Priyanka Chopra and boyfriend Nick Jones arrived in India, View Pics

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is in the news about her love life these days. Priyanka has been consistently seen with American singer Nick Jonas for some time now. These two are dating each other for a long time. Recently both of them shared this relationship with the public. Priyanka Chopra has now come to India with Nick. This morning, Priyanka Chopra was seen with Nick on the Mumbai airport but Papparaji could not capture her in camera.

Priyanka Chopra and boyfriend Nick Jones arrived in India, View Pics
© ABP News

Only a slight glimpse of both of them at the Mumbai airport could be captured in the camera. Papparjee was also disappointed because of this, in Los Angeles, Priyanka and Nick always pose in front of the camera. But this did not happen here. Priyanka Chopra went off the road to the airport. Even the window of the car was kept covered.

These pictures have been found on social media.

Mumbai’s photographer, Viral Bhayani, posted on his Instagram page, said, “I had mentioned that Nick Jonas is coming to Mumbai. Yes, he has come here secretly with Priyanka Chopra and both have not pulled together the photographs . ” Bhayani wrote, “Nick Jonas is welcome in Mumbai.”

There are reports that Priyanka Chopra is going to make a bang party in her new bungalow. Here, actress Nic Jonas will begin introducing her family and friends. Where Priyanka has been planning the party, the price of her property is more than 100 crores.

Priyanka Chopra had met Nick Jonas’s family a few days ago. In a Family Fun, Nick and Priyanka reached each other’s hands.

According to reports, Priyanka Chopra met Nick Jonas on the set of his show ‘Quantico’. A common friend introduces him to For the first time last year, both of them met publicly on Red Carpets in the MET Gala event.

In December last year, Jonas expressed the desire to come to India during the promotion of ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’. Now better than Priyanka, she can turn any India.


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