FIFA World Cup 2018: Serbia will face Switzerland

Serbia, who started seven of the win, will face Switzerland in their next match of FIFA World Cup Group-E. In this match, Serbia will have to go on to win the final 16 while trying to win. Serbia had defeated Costa Rica in their first match, while on the other hand, Switzerland, in the first match, showed the best of the game, five times world champion Brazil forced Brazil to distribute the pause points 1-1.

Serbia will face Switzerland
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Serbia is in first place

Serbia is in first place with three points in its group, while Switzerland is at number three. By winning this match Serbia will score six points and it will qualify for the next round. If he loses, then all the matches in the group will be interesting.

First match was with Costa Rica

Serbia had a good fight against Costa Rica in the last match. His aggression line, however, was not able to do anything special to Costa Rica’s defense. In this match, he will have to improve his attack in front of Switzerland because Switzerland has kept Brazil’s strong attack line in line.

This match is very important for Switzerland. If he is to maintain himself in the race of life in the next round, then he has an option to win this match. Serbia has an opportunity to create this history. Serbia has lost only two matches against Switzerland from the last 13 matches. This will also give him confidence.

The strength of Serbia is midfield, in which Sergey Minilkovic is on the left side of the team at Lazio. In addition to these two, the weight of the team’s victory will be on Alexander Mitrovic. Distinguishing the defense of the team will not be easy for Switzerland.

Switzerland Team:

Goalkeepers: Yan Somer, Marvin Hitz, Roman Burke

Defender: Nico Alvidi, Leo Leroyix, Stephen Liechtenner, Michelle Long, Fabian Scar, Records Rodriguez, Manuel Akanji

Midfielder: Granty Shaka, Remo Frauler, Steven Juber, Gelson Fernandes, Denis Zakaria, Edmilson Fernandes, Bellerim Gemlie, Wallon Behrami, Sharadan Shakiri

Forward: Mario Gavarovic, Briel Embolo, Admir Mehmeti, and Heris Cepherovic

Serbia team:

Goalkeeper: Stojkovic, Rajkovic, Dimitrovic

Defender: Rukavina, Tosic, Spagic, Ivanovic, Kolarov, Velzkovic, Roddick, Milenkovic

Midfielders: MILIVOJEVIC, GIVKOVIC, TEDIC, Gruzic, Kostik, Serjeck, Metik, Ljagic

Forward: Parizovic, Mitovic, Radonic, Jović, Kristachik Mladen.


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