FIFA World Cup 2018: Nigerian defeated Iceland 2-0, hopes to remain in Argentina’s World Cup

In the FIFA World Cup striker Ahmad Musa, with the help of two goals in the second half, Nigeria defeated Iceland 2-0. With this win, Nigeria has kept alive the possibility of going to Argentina with a knockout.

Nigerian defeated Iceland 2-0, hopes to remain in Argentina's World Cup
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In the 49th and 75th minute, Moses scored a goal, which helped Nigeria to register their first win. He had lost 0-2 to Croatia in the first match, but due to Argentina’s poor performance in Group D, Nigeria now has reached number two with three points.

Iceland did not show the kind of flame that he had played in the first match left in the 1-1 draw against Argentina. In the first half, he must make good chances, but in the second half he had no answer to the aggressive attacks of Nigeria. Apart from this, his star star Gilly Sigurdson also lost a penalty.

In the first half, Iceland’s Sigurden made two good occasions, but on both occasions, Francis Ujhoe foiled his efforts. Nigeria, in the first six minutes, took cautious after the attacks of Sigurden and kept the ball in its possession.

Both goals in the second half

Nigeria was also successful at this level, but it was limited to the middle of the field and did not make any dangerous move. In the meantime, Iceland showed aggressive form but failed to score. Sigurdson and John Boderson both missed the first half in the injury time, and thus the score remained unmatched at half time.

Nigeria, however, put pressure on Iceland in the opening half of the second half with a counter-attack. In the 49th minute, Musa got the shot after Victor Moses’s control over the cross, and Haynes Halderson did not have any chance to stop it.

After this Nigeria played more aggressively. Moses showed his true passion in the 75th minute of the game when he doubled his team’s lead by scoring his goal.

Moses first left Kary Arnson behind with his speed and skill and then easily scored a goal by easing goalkeeper Halderson. This is his fourth goal in the last two World Cup matches. He did not play in the last match, but in the previous World Cup played in Brazil in 2014, he scored two goals against Argentina.

Immediately after the fall of Alfred Finbogson in the box, Iceland got the penalty with the help of VAR, but Sigurden’s shot passed out over the cross bar and in this way he missed a significant chance to get the team back. Nigeria will play Argentina in their last match on June 26, while Iceland will face Croatia from the top of the group.


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