FIFA World Cup 2018: Lukaku had decided to become a footballer to fight poverty, now he is doing amazing

In the FIFA World Cup, Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku has launched his campaign in a spectacular manner by scoring two goals against Panama. But very few people know that Lukaku had to face the difficult days in his private life.

Lukaku had decided to become a footballer to fight poverty, now he is doing amazing
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Lukaku, while talking to the website Dahlershibub, remembered the days of his poverty, that when he was younger he used to eat food in his house and sometimes he used to pray in the dark because he had to pay electricity bills in the apartment. There was no money for it.

He said, “We did not have so much money that we could meet the needs of the whole week. We were not only poor but were very poor. “25 years old Luqaku said,” My father was a professional footballer but he was in the final stages of his career and all the money was over. ”

Forward, recalling that he was only six years old when he realized the poverty of his family because he had seen his mother mixing water in the milk so that it could be given to all.

After this, he had decided that with professional football he would take his family out of poverty and he also showed it on the basis of his talent. Now he plays with a club like Manchester United. Earlier, he has shown his talent in clubs such as Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion and Everton. Lukaku is the record scorer for Belgium, he has scored 38 goals in 70 matches.


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