FIFA World Cup 2018: Iceland to play against Nigeria in second match

In the FIFA World Cup, for the first time in the Iceland Tournament, Group-D will fight against Nigeria in their second match today. Iceland stalled Argentine 1-1 at its first mat. Nigeria is coming out after losing 0-2 to Croatia in this match after eating. He is confronting a team that is full of confidence.

Iceland to play against Nigeria in second match
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The first time Iceland is playing FIFA World Cup 2018

Iceland is playing World Cup for the first time and in the same match, they had buried the star player Lionel Messi. Surely they would have got confidence from this win but they would not want to take his next match lightly. Iceland will try to keep the chances of the next round with three points in this match. On the other hand, if the famous Ugandan name, Nigeria does not improve its performance, it will have to go out of the initial phase. At the same time, the win will keep him in the final -16 race.

The Nigerian team’s weakness against Croatia was not reaching the conclusion of the event. He had made many opportunities but could not score a goal. This weakness must be overcome in this match. At the same time, lack of consistency in the defense will also have to be overcome.

It is necessary for Iceland to maintain that solidarity against Argentina. That is the strength of the team and on this very basis, he had succeeded in preventing Messi.

If Iceland continues this game then this match will be very difficult for Super Eagles.

Iceland team:

Goalkeeper: Hans Thor Hendersonel, Runner Alex Renaissance, Frederick Skraff.

Defender: Kari Anerson, Erie Freer Schulsen, Birkir Maar Severson, Serve Igi Ingasan, Horohor Magnusen, Holmer Orn Eisulfsan, Ragnar Sigridon.

Midfielder: Johann Berg Gudmundson, Birkir Bazarnasan, Anngar Ingwie Trustsen, Emil Hallfredsson, Zulfi Siegarden, Olafur Ingey Schulsen, Rurik Gislasson, Samuel Fritzson, Aaron Gunnersson.

Forward: Alfred Finbogson, Bojner Bergman Sigdarson, John Daddy Boderson, Albert Gudmonson.

Nigeria Team:

Goalkeeper: Frances Izhoho, Ikechuku Igneva, Daniel Ackpiei

Defender: William Trust-Ikong, Abudullahi Seihu, Tyrone Ibuhei, Alderson, Ichihizile, Brian Iduvo, Chidzoi Augeim, Leon Balogun, Kenneth Omayreu.

Midfielder: Mickael John Obie, Ognei Onyji, Wilfried Nadidi, Ognekaro Ittebo, John Ogu, Joel OB, Ahmed Musa, Kelichi Ehennacho, Victal Moses, Odion Ighlow, Alex Vovoby, Simone Nvanko


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