FIFA World Cup 2018: France won the match 1-0, secured it position in the top 16, Peru went out

In the second match played today in the FIFA World Cup, France defeated Peru 1-0 and made it to the last 16. With the defeat in the first two matches, the tour has ended in this World Cup in Peru. For the French, 19-year-old Keelian Mbppe scored the only goal of the match.

FIFA World Cup 2018 France won the match 1-0, secured it position in the top 16, Peru went out.jpg

This is the second consecutive victory in this World Cup in France. He beat Australia 2-1 in their first match. After two wins in two matches, the 1998 World Winner of France has scored six points and is in first place in the points table. France is the first team to go from the group C to the last-16. Peru lost both of their matches to which they were out of the race for the next round.

Mpapp scored for France in the 34th minute. With this, he has become the youngest player to score for his country in the World Cup. Mbppe’s age is 19 years and 183 days at this time. Before him, David Tregeguet scored goals for France in the World Cup for 20 years and 246 days.

In the beginning, Peru was heavy on France

France’s defense managed to maintain its edge after Peru’s all-out efforts. There was good competition between the two teams in the entire match. The first 10 minutes just Peru was dominating. In the seventh minute, Kristin Cueva and Paulo Guerro made an opportunity for Peru, which was stopped by Samuel Ummetti alone.

In the 12th minute, Paul Pogba for France made a kick from 25 yards, which did not go into the goal post. In the 14th minute, Warana tried to put the corner on the corner with an arrow from Antoine Greigman’s kick, which the Peru’s defender refused.

France and Peru continued their experiments. Success finally came to France. Mbappay made France 1-0 ahead. Oliver Zeru penetrating Peru’s defense, on the top of the goalkeeper of Peru, gave ball to Beppe, who put the ball lightly in the vacant goal, gave his team an edge.

No goal in the second half

In the second half, Peru was trying to equalize and in the 50th minute almost they had to match. Prado Aquino put a brilliant kick from the middle of the box. The ball was going inside the net, but perhaps the goal of Peru was not a goal and the ball hit the ball and went out.

In the 68th minute Peru also missed the fiercely goal of destiny. Louis Edwinquela took a shot from the left corner of the box which went out quite close to the top of the goalpost. Peru made a lot of effort to score goals at the end of the second half and took a tough test of the French defense in which France went and Peru scored three points for the goal.


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