FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil will face today Costa Rica

Brazil will play against Costa Rica at the St Petersburg Stadium today in their second match of the World FIFA World Cup. In this match Brazil will try to open the account of victory in this World Cup. In the first match, Switzerland forced Brazil to distribute the stop points on the 1-1 draw.

Brazil will face today Costa Rica
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Brazil is second in the index table. To go to the last -16, he needs to win in every situation. If the draw in this match will depend on the other teams, then defeat can show him the way out.

Neymar was unsuccessful in the first match

Brazil is in the need of their first win in this World Cup. In the first match, Brazilian star player Neymar could not show his magic. Neymar was unable to score in the match Nemar was injured in ankle during his practice on Wednesday. Although he was practicing with the next day. Brazil fans would expect their star player to field for this important match.

Costa Rica’s defense was strong

Costa Rica had to face defeat at the hands of Serbia, but his defense was fantastic in that match. It will be challenging to differentiate the defense of Costa Rica for Brazil.

The Brazilian team is balanced and is considered to be the strongest contender to win this match. Team coach Tite said in the last match that the players of the team had come into fright. The coach will try the team in this match not to repeat the old mistake. Tite can change strategy too. Apart from Neymar, the team has veterans like Marcelo, Filippo Cotinho, Douglas Costa.

While talking about Costa Rica, he showed a good game in the last match but luck might not have been with him. Serbia captain Alexander Kolarov forced Costa Rica to defeat the goal of a free kick.

Costa Rica would like to continue the performance of his last match. There is no doubt that he will come out with good preparation against a legendary Brazilian team. In this match Costa Rica’s defense will have to play better than the first match, as Neymar, Costa and midfielder Paulinho will take a hard test.

If Costa Rica is lost in this match, then the next round of her will almost end. The team’s striker Marco Urania had said that his team would do well against Brazil. It is only in the match that it can be done or not.

Brazil team:

Goalkeeper: Alison, Casio, Anderson

Defender: Danilo, Gerrom, Phillipe Louis, Massello, Miranda, Phagner, Thiago Silva

Midfielder: Casimiro, Fernando, Fred, Paulinho, Filippi Cotinho, Renato Augusto, William

Forward: Douglas Costa, Fermino, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Tyson

Costa Rica team:

Goalkeeper: K. Navaas, P. Pemarbetan, L. Moreira,

Defender: J. Acosta, G. Gonzalez, I Smith, O. Duarte, B. Oveido, F. Calvo, C.Gambo, K. Vaston, K. Guterage,

Midfielder: C. Borges, C. Bolanos, D. Collinderez, Brian, A. Wallace, R. Azzofaiha, Y. Tezeda, D.Gusman

Forward: J. Venezes, J. Campbell, M. Urana, Ramirez Oscar


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