FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil beat Costa Rica by 2-0, hopes to move to next round

On the eve of goal scorer Filit Coutinho (91st) and star player Neymar, Brazil won their first win by defeating Costa Rica 2-0. With the win in this match, Brazil has strengthened the hopes of going in the last-16 stage, while Costa Rica’s journey ended with a defeat in this match. The last group match will be a formal form for him.

Brazil beat Costa Rica by 2-0, hopes to move to next round
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Brazil failed to score goals in the first half

Brazil had dominated the match in the first half, but despite this, it could not cope with Costa Rica’s defense. In the 38th minute, Neymar’s team got the first corner and Brazil could not even take advantage of it.

Many times Marcelo’s goalkeeper Kellor Nawas, who reached Costa Rica’s goal post, was failing. In the 41st minute, Marcelo scored a goal from 32 yards out, but Nawash of his shot did a great defense. The two teams’ attempts failed towards defence, and in this case the first half ended the goal.

In the second half, Costa Rica’s team tried to take control of football, and in the same order, it got an opportunity to score twice in the 48th minute, but both of these efforts were abandoned by Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker. In the meantime, Neymar got a corner in the 50th minute but the team failed once again. In the same minute Costa Rica did not allow another corner of the corner to succeed.

Nemar hit a direct shot to score 32 yards from the left side, but Nawas, standing again as the wall of Costa Rica, foiled the attempt. Neymar shot a shot toward Marcello’s goal in the 71st minute, on the round-the-clock round of the 20-yard round post area of ​​the Costa Rica vacant, but he went out. Once again Neymar missed a good chance.

Two goals after 90 minutes

It was 15 minutes to finish the match and in such a situation Brazil got the chance and had a chance to score on penalties. Giancarlo Gonzalez, who was going to the goal, grabbed his jersey and pulled it down and dropped. This was sought by Brazil for penalties, but Costa Rica demanded the VAr. After watching footage in VAR, demand for Brazilian penalties was canceled. The stress of the two teams was now clear.

There was not a single goal between the two teams till the scheduled time. After this, the two teams were given six minute injection time. In the very next minute, Gabriel Jesus got the ball inside the box right in front of the goal post, on which he could not control and hit the ball with a ball, on which Philip Copinho put Brazil in the net Opened the account. After this Neymar finally got the result of his efforts and opened his account in the World Cup five minutes later to give Brazil a 2-0 win.



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