Box Office: Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’ has earned eight major records

1. The audience was eagerly waiting for the Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’, which was released on Eid. But after the film’s release, trade analysts gave the film bad ratings, social media parel also gave viewers a lot of bad reactions after watching the movie. After all these films have been successful in making many records at the box office. Find out the slides in the ‘Race 3’ five major records:

Box Office: Salman Khan's 'Race 3' has earned eight major records
© The Financial Express

2. Eid’s Largest Opener:

Salman Khan is known for releasing films on Eid. In this case, they broke their own record. ‘Race 3’ on Saturday sold 38.14 crores, which is the highest among the films released on Eid. Earlier this record was the name of Salman Khan’s movie ‘Sultan’. The film earned 36 crores rupees.

3. Second highest-grossing film (domestic box office) on weekends:

‘Race 3’ got its first collection of 106.47 crores on the weekend. Apart from this, Race 3 have been ranked second in the highest grossing films of the domestic box office for the weekend movies released till 2018 . The first number in this list is Sanjayilila Bhansali’s ‘Padmavat’ movie. ‘Padmavat’ got the name of a collection of 114 crores on his first weekend after 5 days.This collection includes paid screening as well as the earnings of Tamil and Telugu versions.

4. The second highest earning on the weekend in the 2018 release films:

Worldwide Collection of ‘Race 3’, the film is second in this case too. Worldwide earnings of  ‘Padmavat’ is Rs 215 crore, which is at number one. While, Worldwide Collection of Race 3 is 181.32 crores.

5. The biggest hit of ‘Race’ franchisee:

‘Race’ franchisees has so far released three films. Of these, ‘Race 3’ has proved to be the biggest hit. In just four days, the tremendous collection of 120.71 crore rupees has been named. While talking about ‘Race 2’ released earlier, the film had a total collection of 100.45 crore in its name.

6. Salman Khan’s second film to be the fastest 100 crore club:

‘Race 3’, which is entering the 100 million club within three days, is the fourth film of Salman Khan. This list includes ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Sultan’ and ‘Tiger Jinda Hai’. However, after the opening weekend collection, ‘Race 3’ is the second number after ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. While ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has earned 114.53 crores, ‘Race 3’ has made a turnover of 106.47 crores.

7. Year 2018 Biggest Opener:

Race 3 earned Rs 29.17 crores on the first day of the release. Which is the highest in the Bollywood film released in 2018. However, if you talk about this, the biggest opening of all the films released this year is the name of the Hollywood movie ‘Avengers: The Infinite War’. ‘Avengers: The Infinity War’ has earned more than 31 million on the first day.

8. Highest Single Day Collection 2018:

Talk about the third record of the film, the film has got the record of making the highest earnings in a single day in a film released in 2018. On the first weekend, this movie has done a great collection of Rs 39.16 crore, which is the highest in one day.

9. Entry in the 100 crore club for the fastest in 2018:

In all the films released in 2018, ‘Race 3’ has entered the 100 million club in the shortest possible time. The film had entered into 100 million club in just three days. Let’s say that from the ‘Padmavat’ to ‘Raazi’ released this year, many films have collected more than 100 crores but in the shortest time, the Records ‘Race 3’ has made their names.


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