FIFA World Cup: Australia will face Denamrk

In the final-16th round of the FIFA World Cup, the Danish team will now take on the field against Australia in the Group-C match. The group-C match between Australia and Denmark will be played at Samara Arena at 5.30 pm (Indian time). Denmark’s team, which won the World Cup by defeating Peru 1-0 in their first match, is second in the group stage behind France. France and Denmark are equal points. Denmark is only behind the goal level.

Australia will face Denamrk
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In such a situation, if Denmark’s team fails to beat Australia, then they will have their place in the final-16 round. In the top two in each group, the teams, which continue to enter the knockout.

The best performance was in 1998

The Denmark team has so far entered the last-16 round three times. His best performance remained in 1998, when he had reached the quarter-finals. By winning on Australia, he will move to the last-16th for the fourth time.

In the last match, Denmark’s defense did a good job. He did not allow Peru to score a single goal. In this, team goalkeeper Caspar Ishmikal played a key role and in his next match, his defense will be seen in this form.

Australia will improve their defenses

In such a situation, it would be difficult for Australia to reach Denmark’s goal post, just as it was for Peru. Australia had to face 2-1 defeat in France in their first match. His defense was weak in this match.

If Australia’s defense of the famous Australia named Socaros remains the same, then Denmark will dominate it in the next match. In such a situation, Australia, who are ranked third on the group stage, have to keep the hopes of entering the last-16 stage, they have to go on the field with a strategy to cross the goal by dividing Denmark’s defense.

If Australia win in this match, then they will have three points in their account and that too will be equal to Denmark and France. In this match, other players like Captain Meyen Jedinak will also have to accelerate his game.

With his last match against France, Australia can learn a lot of lessons and improve the preparations for the next match. They will need to redeem themselves in Denmark’s drawbacks by looking for opportunities for their goals, as the difference in goals along with points also matters.



Goalkeeper – Caspar Shmikeal, Jonas Lossle, Federik Ronbow

Defender – Simon Kair, Andrés Christensen, Matthias Jorgenson, Janic Westergard, Heinrich Dalsgard, Jens Strugger Larsen, Jonas Nudsen

Midfielder: William Quinn, Thomas Delano, Lucas Lerragar, Lasse Showne, Christian Erikson, Michelle Cron-Daly

Striker: Pioneer Sisto, Martin Brathwaite, Andrés Cornelius, Victor Fischer, Yusuf Polson, Nikolai Jorgenson, Kasper Dolberg.



Goalkeepers: Brad Jones, Matthew Ryan, Michelle Langer, Danny Wukovic

Forward: Daniel Arzani, Tim Cahill, Apostolos Gianou, Tommy Jurich, Matthew Leckie, Jamie McLaren, Andrew Nabout, Demi Petratos, Nikita Rukawatsiya

Midfielder: Joshua Brilliantte, Jackson Irvine, Meld Jedinak, Robbie Crusse, Massimo Luoongo, Marc Milligan, Aaron Murray, James Trochese

Defender: Aziz Behik, Milos Dagneck, Alex Gersbach, Matthew Furman, Fran Karakik, James Meredith, Josh Riddon, Trent Sensbury, Alexander Susanazar and Belly Wright.


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