FIFA World Cup 2018: Australia and Denmark take on 1-1 draw

In the FIFA World Cup, Group-C match between Denmark and Australia was a 1-1 draw. Australia now have the chance to step in to knock out after winning the last group match. In this match, Christian Erikson scored for Denmark, while Australia’s captain Mia Jedinac scored a penalty goal. There are four points in the Danish account. He won his first match 1-0 against Peru.

Australia and Denmark take on 1-1 draw.jpg

Keeping an eye on the start of the match, Denmark opened the account in the seventh minute. Nikolai Jorgenson entered the forward line and passed it to Christian Erikson. Ericson shot a shot from the left and brought it to Australia’s goal post. It was the 17th goal of Erikson’s 20th match for Denmark.

Denmark’s defense is fantastic


Australia got three chances to score a goal on the free kick in the meantime, but he failed to get a single chance. It proved to be difficult to penetrate Denmark’s defense.

In the 20th minute for Denmark, Pioneer Sisto tried to score a shot from 32 yards out of the shot, but saved it with Australian goalkeeper Matthew Ryan. In the next two minutes, once again the team reached the Australians’ goal post and Jorgenson wanted to score a header shot from six yards, but the ball went out through the edge of the net.

Australia got the fourth corner in the 34th minute. The team’s player trying to score a goal was pushed by Yusuf Uyreri of Denmark. On receiving VAR, Australia got a great opportunity to score a penalty and captain Mian Jedinak scored the goal by scoring the score of 1-1.

Denmark, who defeated Peru 1-0 in their first match, were under pressure. In the 40th minute he got a corner. Ericson shot it to the side of his players, but goalkeeper Ryan saved it and did not allow Denmark to take advantage of it. In this case, till the end of the first half, the two teams are tied at 1-1.

No goal in second match

Towards the beginning of the second half, the strategy drawn for football between the two teams continued. After reaching each other’s forward line, both teams were not giving any chance of snatching football from each other.

Danish player Cysto once again shot straight from the same 32 yards in the 72nd minute, which went very close to the left side of Australia’s net. During this time, Australia’s player Andrew Nebat suffered a shoulder injury, due to which he got out of the ground. Tommy came to the ground on their place.

The Australian team got two fantastic opportunities to score in the 87th minute, but Danish goalkeeper Kesper did both these efforts a great way. Thus, at the scheduled time of 90 minutes, the score between the two teams was 1-1. After this, the two teams were given three minutes extra time. In this extra time, both the teams could not score the goal and hence the match was drawn from 1-1 in between the two teams.


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