FIFA World Cup: Advice made no changes, Russia’s second win

Host Russia, performing brilliantly, won the second consecutive win in the second match of Group A at the St. Petersburg Stadium in the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday, 3-1. With this win, Russia has six points in two matches and has almost convinced its place in the last 16. At the same time, it has become very difficult for Egypt to go to the next round. All the goals of the match came in the second half.

FIFA World Cup: Advice made no changes, Russia's second win
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Russia beat Saudis 5-0 in the first match

This match was very important for Russia. He beat Saudis 5-0 in their first match. He knew that the victory in this match could give him a place in the next round, so he had landed with complete preparation. Russia knew that in the next round, the Egyptian star player Mohammad Saeed, who is returning from injury, can become a mentor, and so he came prepared against this star player. Sticking to his midfielder Yuri Zirkov’s advice as a shadow, For this reason, the advice was not open to play. Along with that, the fear of injury shows clearly on the performance of the advice.

First half was very exciting

The first half was full of thrills. Both teams looked busy in trying to get the ball and were busy trying to score goals. Confident Russia showed its dominance over Egypt in the first 10 minutes and made some good opportunities. Egypt immediately took charge of itself and the game of equality between the two started. Although both teams could not score in the first half

Advice playing the first World Cup match in Panna, however, in the 42nd minute, trying to score goals while introducing his class, he missed it.

The second half started very disappointing for Egypt Egypt captain Ahmad Fataahi made Russia a 1-0 lead in the 47th minute in an attempt to clear the ball. The ball came from the left side, which the Egyptian goalkeeper cleared from the punch and went to the Roman Joabinin, standing outside the ball box, which sent the ball back into the box, where Ahmadi mistakenly tried to clear it in his own goal Sitting

The hosts did not take much time to double their lead. In the 59th minute, Dennis Cherishche put the ball in the net very easily and made Russia 2-0 ahead. This is Cherishov’s third goal in this tournament. Three minutes later, Artiom Dzuba made the return from Ilya Kutepov easy to the ball, making Russia a 3-0 lead and making the return to Egypt difficult. Egypt’s fate helped him in the 73rd minute and got a penalty through VAR, which turned the advice into a goal and opened his team’s account. This is the first goal of advice in the World Cup.

Egyptian fans felt that their team could return from here, but Russia did not let this happen.


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