FIFA World Cup 2018: Today Iran and Spain face face-to-face

Iran, in the FIFA World Cup group-B, could have succeeded in winning their first match with the help of luck, but now its real fight will be on Wednesday from 2010 champion Spain. Taking the burden of Asia’s hopes in the tournament, Iran won 1-0 in their first match against Morocco in St Petersburg. Although this win was supported by his luck, when Aziz Bouahdouge of Morocco wanted to send the ball out through the header, but unfortunately he hit the ball inside the goalpost and Iran got the win without any effort.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Today Iran and Spain face face-to-face
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Thanks to this win, he now stands on top with three points in his group. This is the first time Iran has topped its group since the FIFA World Cup in France in 1998. With the win against Morocco, Iran’s confidence has increased greatly and she is ready to compete against Spain with the same confidence.

This second win of Iran

This is only the second victory of Iran in the history of the FIFA World Cup. He had earlier defeated America 2-1 in the 1998 World Cup. After earning three points in his debut match, Iran’s best effort will now be to reach the final-16 and be able to do its best against Spain.

Spain did great performance against Portugal

Spain, on the other hand, had to be forced to issue points in the first match on June 15 in Socique, 3-3, against the Portuguese. Although the team’s performance in this match was brilliant and it was 2-1 ahead of the 88th minute of the game, Spain had to satisfy the draw due to the hat-trick of charismatic Cristiano Ronaldo.

Coach Fernando Hiero can make some changes in the second match. Hiero has already said that David de Gia will continue to handle his work as a goalkeeper. Spain would once again expect a goal from their star player Diego Costa and Nacho Fernández, who scored two more goals in the last match respectively.

Spain will once again rely on their natural game in the match against Iran. Spain’s strategy has been that he keeps the ball in his control for a long time and slowly comes into a rhythm. Spain has the ability to pass the ball for a long time, which can remove Iran from the match.


Iran-Ali Birevand, Rameen Rezien, Mortage Poorligenji, PageMan Montajeri, Masood Shoji, Saeed Ejatolahi, Ehsan Haji Safi, Omid Ibrahimi, Wahid Amiri, Sardar Ajman, Alireza Jabakhsh

Spain- David de Gia, Jordi Elba, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pike, Nacho, Sergio Baskets, Thiago Alcentra, Andrés Iniesta, Iso, David Silva, Diego Costa


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