FIFA World Cup 2018: Spanish goalkeeper got the support of a coach and fellow players

The FIFA World Cup fever is saying the head of the fence is climbing. However, except for France, the teams considered to be the contenders for the rest of the tournament have so far disappointed with their performance. There is something similar in 2010 to the name of the World Cup in its name in 2010. In 2010, when Spain won the title, only two goals were scored in the entire campaign, but Portugal scored 3 goals in the first match against them.

Spanish goalkeeper got the support of a coach and fellow players
© ABP News

Spain’s goalkeeper David D. Jia is on the verge of critics after having scored 3 goals in the first match, the coach and the players have supported him completely. Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of De Jia’s mistake to make hat-trick so that Spain had to play their first 3-3 draw. After this, Manchester United’s goalkeeper, D. Jia was questioned, but the team’s new coach Fernando Hierro has no doubt about him.

Hiero said, “We do not suspect him and he has no doubt about himself. We know that the goalkeeper is in a special position and there is a different kind of mood for him and honestly, we have no doubt. ”

De Jia is comparable to the legendary Goalkeeper like Iker Casillas, and therefore, due to any mistake, he comes to the target of critics. Di Jia is not bothered by criticism though. He said, “Only the goalkeeper can understand how difficult this task is. The coach is with me It was a mistake and it could happen. “


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