Fifa World Cup 2018: Senegal beat The Poland 2-1

In the second match played today in the FIFA World Cup, Senegal defeated Poland 2-1. Senegal’s performance was spectacular throughout the match. The team’s defenses prevented star player and captain Robert Levandosky from plundering and donating money, which was the main reason for Senegal’s victory.

Fifa World Cup 2018: Senegal beat The Poland 2-1
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In the first half, both the teams did not make more chances and the chances they made were not close. Senegal’s defense not only prevented Lesvandoski from playing a very strong game but also did not allow the invasion of Poland to dominate.

Senegal scored the first goal of the match, but the Thiako Sianok of Poland helped Senegal in this. The goal in the 37th minute was a suicide goal. Mayabang Nyanak passed the ball from the middle of the field to the left and gave the ball to Sadie Mane near the box. Mane did not show any haste and passed to Kalidou Cowlali.

Cowelli played the ball from the middle to the goalpost. The ball going to the right knocked at Sionok’s feet and went to the net and Senegal got a 1-0 lead. It was the fourth suicidal round of this World Cup.

Senegal had made a gain in the first half

Earlier, Levandoski lost a chance in the 23rd minute to score a half-shot. The shot played by them went out of the goalpost. Levandoski made this only close opportunity in the first half. In the 18th minute, Senegal had a chance to make a goal, which he could not translate into.

Levandoski, who failed in the first half, had the chance to equalize his team through the free kick at the beginning of the second half, which Senegal’s goalkeeper Nadiae failed.
In the second half, with confidence in the first goal, Senegal doubled its lead in the 60th minute. Nayang standing vacant by Poland was ignored and the Senegalese player increased the problem of Poland with very smooth spots easily.

In the last minute, Poland, trying to score goals, missed many chances. Grzegorz Crechoviak, however, opened his team’s account in the 86th minute with a scandal. Their goal was only to reduce the difference of defeat, as Poland could not score a single goal after all the trials, and Senegal managed to take three full points.


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