FIFA World Cup 2018: Saudi Arabia will now face Uruguay with strong defense

Coach Antonio Juan Pijiji’s Saudi Arab team will be on the field against Uruguay in the second group match of the FIFA World Cup, to keep their defenses strong. This match will be played between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia at 8.30 pm (Indian time) in the Rostov Arena.

Saudi Arabia will now face Uruguay with strong defense
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Lost against Russia 5-0 in the first match

Saudi had to face a 5-0 defeat against host Russia in the first match played in Group A. The team’s weak defense in this match was not able to handle Russia’s attack. Taking lessons from this, the team will want to keep their defenses strong.

Uruguay did a great alteration in their first match

In the first match, Uruguay won the inaugural victorious by defeating star player Mohammed Advani 1-0 in the first match. However, for him, it was not easy to distinguish the Egyptian defense in this match. After a lot of confrontation, he got this victory. By winning the Uruguay goal in a match against Saudi Arabia, they will have to secure their place in the last-16 round for the third consecutive time.

Saudi Arabia’s performance in the first match against Russia can be judged that this victory will not be difficult for the Uruguay team, adorned by Edison Kawani and Barcelona’s best player Luis Suarez in the second group match. This time Saudi Arabia will not only have to maintain possession of the ball for a long time but also score goals. Along with his defense, he has to accelerate his attack so that he can succeed in the path to Uruguay’s goal post.

Suarez will be the 100th match

For Luis Suarez, this match against Saudi Arabia will be the 100th match played for his national team and in such a situation, he would definitely like to make this special by scoring a goal. He is on top of the list of the most goals scored by the team.

In the last 24 years, if Saudi Arabia, seeking to win its first win, will face an upset defeat in the match, then the players are going to grow up. Adel Izzat, president of the Saudi Arab Football Federation, informed that after getting against Russia, disciplinary action will be taken against some of the national team players. Obviously, it will be a struggle for the honor for the Saudi Arabian team.


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