Fifa World Cup 2018: Russia will take on second win, Egypt team will return to the advice

Today hosts Russia will compete in the FIFA World Cup in Egypt. In the first match where Russia had defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0, Egypt had to face defeat 1-0 at the hands of Uruguay.

However, despite the loss in the first match, Egypt’s confidence is high because its Straighter striker Mohammad Advani is returning after injury. Advice not only strengthens the invading team’s attack line but can lead to a new life in the team. After the withdrawal of advice, Egypt will take full advantage of its survival to keep the possibilities of staying in the World Cup. The victory in this match is extremely important for him to go to the next round while losing his campaign can be a big setback.

Egypt must be defensive

Fifa World Cup 2018: Russia will take on second win, Egypt team will return to the advice
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Of course, the attack line will be strengthened by the advice, but coach Hector Kapoor will have a great deal of attention on his defense in this match. At the same time, Russia will have to win this match and make their place in the final-16. He can not have a better chance when writing his name in a new history in the pages of history. He also knows this. After defeating Saudi Arabia, who has a better place in the FIFA rankings, is proud of him, But he needs to understand that the team which is now in front of him is very strong and powerful.

The team’s attack was fantastic in the last match. To maintain the same performance and play with the same kind of diplomacy and mentality is essential for Russia. There was not much testing of Russia’s defense in the previous match, but he must be cautious while advised in this match. If the result of the match draws, then trouble for Egypt can increase.


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