Fifa World Cup 2018: Japan becomes the first Asian country to defeat the South American nation

Japan has started their journey with victory in the FIFA World Cup by winning 2-1 against Colombia. For Japan, Yuya Osaka and Shinji Kagawa scored goals, while the only goal for Colombia was scored by Juan.

Japan’s fortunes were good in the first group match and it got an opportunity to score a penalty in the third minute. Soccer football collided with Colombian player Carlos Sanchez, trying to stop the pass from the Japanese players.

Fifa World Cup 2018: Japan becomes the first Asian country to defeat the South American nation
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In such a way, a red card was given to Penalty and Sanchez to Japan. Borujia Dartmand Club midfielder Shinji Kagawa opened the account in Japan with a straight shot in the sixth minute.

Colombia got a free kick in the 11th minute. Team captain Radmel Phalko shot the shot, but Japan’s goalkeeper AIG Kawashima saved it. The attack on both the teams was working very well in this match. Columbia was getting an opportunity to reach Japan’s goal post, but she could not distinguish her defense.

In the meantime, in the 39th minute, Columbia Captain Falcao hit straight reach to the goal post and once again Japan’s goalkeeper Kawashima thwarted his effort.

The competition was the equivalent in the first half

After so many efforts, Colombia, playing with 10 players, succeeded in success. He roamed the opportunity found on the free kick Juan Quintro shot straight to the goal and brought the goal to the goal post and the score equals 1-1. Along with equality, the first half ended.

Strengthening his defense to the second half, Colombia thwarted a good effort in the 54th minute from Japan’s goal. Osaka hit the shot, but Colombian goalkeeper Ospina saved it in the best possible way. The Japanese players reached the Colombian goal post in the second half but could not get the lead due to the wrong shot. He missed an opportunity from a free kick.

Japan did a great job

The Asian team, with the intention of changing history with their new coach Akira Nishino, came in the 70th minute to replace Japan’s Kagawa in the place of Kusuke Honda, with a corner shot in the 73rd minute, which Yuya Osaka scored the goal of Colombia’s goal post Reaching Japan 2-1.

Japan’s defense and goalkeeper Kawashima were performing well in this match. In 2014, the Golden Boot winner James Rodriguez stepped into the match in the second half and also got the opportunity to score goals, but Kavashima once again failed another attempt to make Colombia’s goal in the 78th minute.

By defeating Columbia’s efforts with its defense, Japan finally won 2-1. With this, Japan has become the first Asian country to beat any South American country in the World Cup.


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