FIFA World Cup 2018: foreign fans are adopting these ways to find love from Russia’s girls

Russia’s FIFA World Cup, being played on Earth, is feared at the head of the fiance of 2018 fever. So their fans are coming to Russia to support their favorite teams, fans are working to increase the chances of girls in Russia.

A fan came to Argentina from Russia, named Agustin Othello, who is sitting in Moscow Park, instead of talking about the performance of his team, instead of counting the number of girls in Russia. Engineer Fan from the profession, a 26-year-old person has said that he has got four numbers so far.

foreign fences are adopting these ways to find love from Russia's girls
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Agustin’s friends are competing in the competition, who can collect the most number of girls’ phone numbers. Agustin hopes that he will be able to find love on Russia’s land.

He said, “We do not know what to do in the matches so we thought that the people of Russia know better.” Like Agustin, other fans of Argentina also liked Russia’s girls on the dating app tinder Selfie is watching.
Agustin said, “There is tough competition in this matter because a large number of men have come to Russia for the World Cup and very few girls here know English or Spanish.”


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