FIFA World Cup 2018: Five big hits in the FIFA World Cup so far, this big record can be broken

1. At the beginning of the FIFA World Cup, many new records have begun to begin. But this time in just 17 matches, a record has come to the verge of breaking, which nobody would have thought about. Yes, we are talking about the suicide goal that is the goal of the goal.

2. In the inaugural 17 matches of FIFA World Cup 2018, there have been 5 suicidal holes so far. While the talk was made of the FIFA World Cup played in 2014, at that time there were five suicide bouts in 64 matches.

3. Not only that, after having only 5 suicide targets in 17 matches, the record of the highest suicide hit in the history of the World Cup has come close to breaking. In the history of the World Cup so far, any World Cup has had the highest number of 6 suicidal goals.

4. This record was made in the 1998 World Cup when France’s team managed to win the title for the first time. But now that there are 47 matches left in the World Cup, it seems that this record will break very fast.

5. In the World Cup in 2018, the first suicidal goal was in the match between Iran and Morocco, when Aziz’s goal was the first match in Morocco’s name. After that, the second suicide hit in the match played between Australia and France.


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