FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium 3-0 whitewash Panama

Belgian defeated Panama in a Group-C match played at Fishst Stadium, with a 3-0 margin in the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Belgian, considered to be the strongest contender for the Football World Cup, defeated Panama in a Group-C match played at Fishst Stadium, with a 3-0 margin in the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup. Belgian scored all goals in the second half (47th, 69th, 75th minute). Panama certainly missed this match, but for the first time in such a big tournament, the team that performed the first half was a lot of praise.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium Vs Panama
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The first half is the name of Panama.

The first half proved to be Panama’s victory in a way that prevents Belgium from encroaching on all occasions. The team’s defense, captain Romano Torres, and goalkeeper Jéme Penédoo were an important contributor to this. However, the team could not continue its glorious game in the second half and Belgium pushed it back on the backfoot.

Belgium lost many opportunities in the first half

In the very first minute, Kevin de Brewen made the move for Belgian, who failed to make a move to Roemelu Lukaku in the first minute. Even after this Belgium made many opportunities. In the sixth minute, the Mayoner’s effort did not allow Belgium to take advantage of the ban by Penado. Eden Hejard missed out on two more occasions in the 26th and 38th minutes. Panama also made a move in the 42nd minute, but the shot of Armando Cooper went over the bar.

Belgium’s first success in the 47th minute

Belgian pulled out of the first half by the failure of the second half, whose positive result was found in the 47th minute after just two minutes. From the left side, the ball came to Lukaku, which was cleared by the header of Panama, but the ball could not go much further away, and Darius Murtes gave the ball in the goalpost with a splendid volley ahead of Belgium 1-0.

Lucaku doubles Belgium’s edge

Making a move in the 54th minute made Muralilo equalize Panama, but Belgian goalkeeper Thivat Courtua did not allow it to happen. Panama was trying to recover from the first goal. Meanwhile, Lukaku doubled his lead to Belgium for the second goal. Lukaku scored the goal in the 67th minute with the help of Bryun pass through the header.

Lukaku did not stop here He almost convinced victory in the 75th minute very easily by putting the ball over the head of the Panama goalkeeper in the net and forwarding his team 3-0 ahead. Panama could not break this gap nor did it open the account of the goal in the World Cup.



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