FIFA World Cup: Neymar was fouled more than any World Cup player in 20 years

Switzerland on Saturday held a five-time champion Brazil 1-1 at the Football World Cup Group ‘E’. According to the strategy, the Swiss team did not give Neymar the chance to play freely and repeatedly bowled them.

Neymar could not score a goal in this match, despite his name being recorded in the record book. 10 fouls against Neymar, this is the most foul against a player in one of the last 20 World Cups in the FIFA World Cup. The record of the most foul in the World Cup is the name of Alan Shearer of England, when Tunisia made 11 fouls against them in the 1998 World Cup. Similarly, if Brazilian football history is talked about, then for the first time since 1966, such fouls have been made against a Brazilian player.

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Due to this strategy of the Swiss team, Neymar was not able to play openly and failed to score goals. There was a sharp reaction on Twitter about fencing like this against Neymar.

Neymar was injured due to the 2014 World Cup

Neymar was performing brilliantly in the last World Cup (2014) in his country and Brazil looked to be on the sixth title. But in the quarter-finals against Colombia, they were foiled similarly against Neymar. During this time, he fell like one that had to be out of the World Cup. He suffered a severe injury in the back and Brazil had to face shameful defeat in the semifinals after that.


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