FIFA World Cup 2018: This is sixth times that champion time loses its first match

Mexico made it difficult for her to enter the knockout stage by defeating current champion Germany 1-0 in their first match of the FIFA World Cup.
In the World Cup, for the first time since 36 years, Germany has lost its first match. Earlier, West Germany had to face defeat in Algeria in the 1982 World Cup before Group II.

Along with this, this is the sixth time in the history of the 88-year FIFA World Cup, when the champion team lost their World Cup title match. Germany’s team is the champion of FIFA World Cup 2014.

FIFA World Cup 2018: This is sixth times that champion time loses its first match


Germany’s star player Thomas Muller disappointed

Talk about the figures, then Argentina’s team keeps the spam record of losing the initial match of the next World Cup after becoming the champion.

2018: Mexico (1) defeated Germany (1)
2014: Spain (1) beat Netherlands (5)
2002: France (0) beat Senegal (1)
1990: Cameron defeated Argentina (0) (1)
1982: Belgium (1) defeated Argentina (0)
1950: Sweden (3) defeated Italy (2)
2018 World Cup: Mexico vs Germany – Heroing Lojano Hero

PSV Indowan striker Hirving Lojano, who played for the first time in the World Cup, scored a winning goal for Mexico in the 35th minute. They scored this goal in the penalty area near Javier Hernandez.
Before the tournament, the performance of Germany’s team was consistently poor. Kim Lew’s team has nine players from the team that won the 2014 World Cup. Mesut Ozill has been able to make a comeback after injury, while Manuel Neuer has made a comeback after a long time.


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