FIFA World cup 2018: Love story of famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who has made 4 children, without getting married

The FIFA 2018 Football World Cup has started. It is being organized in Russia. In this World Cup, football star Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal remains the subject of discussion. This discussion is not just because of his game but he alone is the father who is still a loner. But there are 4 children from his three sweethearts, whose father he is. Like every calendar year, Ronaldo changes his girlfriend. Just before this World Cup, he became the father of the fourth child. Their current girlfriends and beautiful Spanish model Georgia Rodriguez gave birth to a daughter. From last year she is in a relationship with Ronaldo. Now their love has converted in a baby girl.

Love story of famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who has made 4 children, without getting married
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Georgia has been a model of world famous brand Gucci At the end of 2016, he met Ronaldo in Spain for the first time. When he went to shop in Gucci’s showroom. Ronaldo now plays Spain’s famous club Real Madrid.When people began to see the couple wandering in their hands, discussions became commonplace that a new girlfriend has entered into Ronaldo’s life. Ronaldo said that he was happy to become a father for the fourth time. Prior to becoming a mother, Georgia shared a pic with Ronaldo on Instagram.

Earlier, the Russian beauty Irina was married to Ronaldo in the year 2016, when she was flirting with former Miss Spain Dager Cordeiro. It is said that the carriage of love with Cordeiro was derailed. Because this footballer felt that this beauty is using them. Although people believe that his relationship with Irina was very serious and it was being said that if he would marry, then Irena would do it.

Know the beauty of the model Irena

5 foot 10-inch Irina’s full name is Irina Valerivna Shaykhislamova. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is also a supermodel. He met Ronaldo at an event in Armani. Then both of them came closer. The love of both spent nearly 4 years, that is, she was the first woman to have Ronaldo been tied for so many days. But after a few days both of them got cheated.

Like the flying birds of romance, Ronaldo

Some time ago their relationship was associated with the Brazilian model Miss Bumbum. The list of Ronaldo’s girlfriend is too long.

There are also Bollywood famous actresses in the long list of sweethearts. Well Ronaldo is rich in beautiful and attractive personality like any Greek god. Ronaldo’s romance list includes the famous model Kim Kardashian, Jordan Jordan, Paris Hilton Daniels and Jema Atkinson. Some of them expressed openly that they had spiritual and physical relationships with Ronaldo. But nothing did not speak a word about this.

When Ronaldo became the father of the first child

When Ronaldo was 25, he became the father of the first child. They never named the this son. It is believed that the mother of this child named Junior Ronaldo was a girl. After giving birth to the baby, she handed him over to Ronaldo. In return, Ronaldo promised to give him a good amount of money and spent a lifetime. Now he has a son of 7 years.

When Ronaldo spent the night with the girl, Ronaldo collided with bar girl in the US. And both of them liked each other. Bar Girl learned that she is about to become a mother of Ronaldo’s child. So he contacted Ronaldo. Ronaldo kept the condition that he had no problem in becoming a father of the child. Provided the DNA test proves that he is the father of the child. It is said that Ronaldo had given the girl $ 20 million this time.

This superstar of football was born in a very poor family – Ronaldo was born in a very poor family of Portugal. The condition of his family was that his parents and siblings lived in the same room. At the age of 52, his father died due to excessive drinking. From childhood he was a talented player of football. I did not feel much in studies. Ronaldo quarreled with the teacher at the school. As a result, it was fired from the school.

At the age of 14, Ronaldo became popular as Portugal’s Wonder Kid of Portugal. Ronaldo never looked back afterwards. And today Ronaldo remains the uncrowned king of the football world.


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