FIFA WC 2018: Five reasons why the Brazilian team could not beat Switzerland

The adventures of the FIFA World Cup are all on this day. There are great battles to watch everyday. On Sunday, people from World Champion Brazil hoped that they would win this match easily, but in front of Switzerland’s team, the world’s brilliant team looked faint and this Group E match was a 1-1 draw. In such a situation, today we will investigate the causes that caused this situation in Brazil.

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Neymar and Jesse’s not upto mark performace

The Brazilian star player Neymar had a hope in his team when he made a great comeback in the friendship after the injuries. However, this player appeared very weak in front of Switzerland in this match of the FIFA World Cup. In front of this team, it seems to be struggling very much and the fearsomeness will be heavy on them. Neymar’s fall on the ground was Sunday’s most shocking scene.

It is very important to get into this player form if this team has to perform better then, On the other hand, if he talked about Jesus, he was sent over the pythmino but he could not make much impact, while the 15-minute game was left for Parmino, he was called to the place but it was too late till then.

Team dormant after first goal

While the Brazilian team looked very effective in the field, Phillipa scored the goal in the 20th minute but instead of making pressure on this issue, the team gave plenty of attention to Switzerland’s team, with the full advantage of these players Raised it. Many times this happened when Switzerland’s team took the ball from midfield to Brazil with the possession of Brazil, and the Brazilian defender kept pushing.

Worse, Neymar, Jesse is one of the great defenders of this team, but none of these could show up on Sunday. At the same time, when these players made some chances, fellow players could not afford to miss the spot, and the team missed out on this occasion.

Switzerland’s Strategy

Switzerland’s team also created a strategy with great performance, which gave them full advantage in this match. At the same time he kept Nemar under the tactics. Though he had Jesus but the players of Switzerland kept him. At the same time, the team did not give any chance to the Brazilian players that they could play freely.
Katinho played brilliantly for the Brazilian team but this barcelona star was not given by any other player. This player scored the only goal for his team.


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