FIFA: Sweden beat South Korea 1-0, 60 years after winning the opening match in World Cup

Sweden defeated South Korea 1-0 in the FIFA World Cup Group F match. On 18th June, according to Indian time, in the match played at 5:30 in the evening, the VAR for Video came as a video assistant referee, which helped convert the penalty corner to the goal without any hesitation. This was the only goal during the entire match. South Korea could not score any goals in the entire match. Due to which Sweden defeated him 1-0.

No goal till half time

Half-time, despite all its efforts Sweden’s team could not score any goals. Although he made 9 goals in the round and he also got 5 penalty corners, but due to good South Korea’s good defense, he could not convert all those efforts and penalty corners into the goal. For halfway time, the ball remained for Sweden until 58 percent, with 255 passes against South Korea 148 and its passing Accurey was 87 percent.

Sweden fouled 10, while Korea made 14 fouls. In spite of having performed well in every direction compared to Korea, his fans were getting a little disappointed even if Sweden did not get success.

Final goal came after half time

After half time, when the game started again, even then the next 20 minutes could not be scored by any side in the match. After all, the penalty corner through the VAAR against South Korea opened the lock of Sweden’s fate and Andres Granquist scored the goal in the 65th minute.

Previous Data:

Sweden has not lost any matches since South Korea. In Sweden, where two games won against South Korea, two matches were won and two were drawn.

Sweden had not won its opening match in the World Cup since 1958. This stigma has been defeated by South Korea after 60 years.

Sweden has won 3 out of 9 matches played in the World Cup, while 6 draws.


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