Turing to sweet 16 clearly means that you are now slowly-slowly losing your teenage life. Teenage life is one of the best stages of whole life in which you experience a new thing. Teenager word has various meaning. Word teenager also called teen, is a young person whose falls within the range from 13-19.

Have you ever questioned yourself that why word teen or teenager has been given to a person who falls within the range from 13-19? They are called teenagers because their age number ends with “teen”. So, word teen has some reason for getting this name. Well, this was all about the name, you will always get happy and say that you have now become a teenager and now you have a right to do anything that you may like. Yes, it’s true because this is the stage in which you have to decide the important decisions about your life.

This decision sometimes might be wrong and this mainly happens due to lack of past experience. So for the same here we present the top 16 things that you should do before you turn on age 16. So, just read it and try to do it if you are below or at the age of 16:

1. Pick up an instrument:

It’s great if you pick up anyone instrument that you love the most. Well, teenage life is all about learning and the greater you will learn, the more talent and experience you will become. So, try to grab any of the instruments it can be guitar or piano and become the master of it. It will also help in your college life. Plus point is that you can impress girls too.

2. Keep up with the trends:

In today’s generation, it’s important for a person to get up to date. A teenager should especially be updated about the things what is happening around the world or what’s trending. Getting an update on the latest trend around the world will make you exist in the world. Fashion trends are the latest one of which you should be aware because today’s generation is full of fashion and every time teens are experimenting new things.

3. Speak in front of a crowd:

This is one of the main things that you should definitely do at the age of 16. Speaking up in front of an audience will make you bold and confident. Today’s world is full of race and if you decide to keep quiet in it then you will be forced to shut up. So, try to speak up in front of a crowd, grow your confidence as this will need you in the future world. It’s because only confident person rules the world. This will also help you in your college life as you will easily in able to presents yourself in front of others.

4. Get out of comfort zone:

Comfort zone is one of the best zones that we get in our childhood. It’s because it makes us happy and relaxed and we don’t have to work more in this. But before coming to 16, try to do some new things and this can only be done when you get out of comfort zone. Try to do new things in your life because this will make you feel confident and you will experience new things in your life.

5. Travel alone somewhere:

Traveling alone somewhere is one of the best and dare experiences that you should definitely try. It’s not that you should go far while traveling instead of this try go to some places by yourself either by getting bus or cab. Traveling alone will make you happy and you will learn new things that how to fight in a crowd. You might something feel nervous while traveling but you get some experience it will make you happy.

6. Do something independently:

Doing something independently makes you feel confident as it will help that how to do work when you are alone. Teenage life is full of stress. This mainly arises when teenagers are not able to handle the workload. So, it’s better to do things by yourself as this will make you confident and you will also learn how to tackle something.

7. Cook a meal:

Cook a meal! It sounds great and you should try it too. Cooking meal will teach you how to do certain work step by step. You will also experience new thing that how to make foods. This thing can be a lifesaver for you as you will become so talented that if some point your food gets runs out, then instead of ordering online, you can cook by yourself. The cooking meal also swings your mood as the perfect meal can only be cooked you are in the perfect mood. So, try to experience it when you are before 16 and also impress your mom and dad by doing this.

8. Read a book:

Reading book is one of the great hobbies that you should definitely do before 16. Reading books will help you to grow your knowledge and this will make you a literate person. Try to read a new book every day that makes you feel enjoy. In this digital world, everyone is trying to download an eBook or audiobook but don’t try to do that. Try to be natural and feel the paper. This thing will make you happy and it will not strain your eyes as digital things do.

9. Fall in love and get your heart broken:

Ha! This seems to be some weird topic but it’s true. Teen life is all about enjoyment. It’s a stage in which you should experience all of it. Coming to love, you should experience this too because this will make you feel what the real love is? And how it feels when you get broken. This will also make you strong and it will open a new dimension in your life. So, try to do this also.

10. Take a nap with your mates:

Actually, it seems to be weird but it’s the best thing that you can do with your best friend. Taking nap doesn’t mean sleeping. So, try to do this with your mates because when you go to college especially in the hostel. This is the thing which you have to do the most. You have to share your room with someone and you can sleep together too. So, it’s better to get the experience of this at this age. It’s the best thing that you can capture it in your memory.

11. Try some water sports:

Water sports are amazing and you should definitely try this out. Swimming makes you happy and relax-able. It’s a new type of experience that you should do. This will make you more talented and it will also grow your body. You know very well that teenage life is all about growth and swimming is one of the best things for this. So, try to go swimming and enjoy your life in water too. This will also help you to overcome from drowning.

12. Learn a new language:

Learning new language can be fun for you. There several new languages present all around the world like Japanese, French which you learn. This will make you educated and apart from it, this can be added to your resume too. Learning new language can open a gate for you to go abroad. Therefore, this is the perfect age in which can start to learn a new language.

13. Make a bucket list:

Making bucket list can be great for you. There are several things that you want to do in your life but sometimes you get forgot or get distracted from it. So, it’s better to create a bucket list for you as this will remind you that what are the things you need to do in your whole life?

14. Do something from your bucket:

Making bucket list is not enough. You need to start doing work on it. You have added plenty of stuff in your bucket list but what’s worth of it, if you are not starting it? So, get started to do things on your bucket list as this will make you happy and you will get satisfied with it.

15. Go to a concert:

This idea can be great for you. As, if you decide to go to a concert you will learn several new things from it. So, try to go to a concert in which you’re fond of as this will make you happy and you learn new things from it.

So, these are all the list of things that you can do at the age of 16. There are also several things that you can do at this stage but I have not mentioned it because this article will become too long and boring. So, it’s better to comment on your own that what are the things that you will do or you have done in your teenage life? This will help others to know about it. This is the perfect age to start doing things as during puberty rapid mental and physical development occurs.

Teenager life is a very important stage in person’s life as this is the transition period in which you go from childhood to adulthood. This is a stage in which you have to decide about your future than what you have to do in your whole life.


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