9 Bra Tricks Few Girls Know About

Have ever seen Kylie Jenner’s boobs that how big she had. Have you ever questioned to yourself that how she had achieved this? A bra is one of the most important things in women dress. It’s a thing which personifies the beauty of a girl. It’s a thing makes their balloon well in shape.

It raises the self-confidence of women. The bra is not only to give beauty to women, it’s also worn due to health purposes, doctors say that women who wear a bra have their breasts healthy And well in shape. But if you are wearing this all time in a wrong way or if you are a new comer in this field and it’s making you uncomfortable. It might be itching you. This will be all due to your mistakes.

Believe me, it’s not the mistake of your bra which you are wearing, it’s the mistake of you either due to your size of bra that doesn’t fit with your breast or they way you are wearing it. Do your bra always slips off or does give a pressure to your shoulder then this might be an alarming situation for you as you might be wearing them in a wrong way.

So to keep you in a safe side Corners360 have brought you 9 simple bra tricks that you know. So gathered some tips on how to feel comfortable while wearing this piece of underwear and use it to the fullest.

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1. Don’t let your bra slip off:

This condition arises with every woman when they wear a strapless bra. This is because of they didn’t get any support from your body as they have to maintain your breast to its position so due to this they feel pressure as a result, you bra slip off from its position and slide onto your stomach or poorly support your breasts, and that’s really annoying. and makes your embarrassed.

So to maintain your bra to a specific position, attach a strap to the back of the bra, pass it under your breasts, and fasten it on the back on the other side. Now your bra will stay in place whatever you do. And you will feel confident due to this as you would have no tension of slipping.

2. The secret of the perfect push-up:

Every girl in this world wants that their breast should be big as due to this it makes a perfect push for your body which not only builds up your confidence but also makes you body attractive. But if you don’t have the perfect size of a breast for perfect push up, then you can easily get a push up to your breast by this technique.

This technique is great for going out or photo shoots. Stick the self-adhesive cups diagonally instead of in the usual horizontal position — from the bottom and side of each breast. By doing this you will get a perfect push up your breast and you will enjoy it. Nowadays several bras have also been invented know as push up bras. As they help you in gaining the perfect amount of push up for your breasts.

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3. If the straps rub:

This is very irritating for every woman who wears a bra. As when they do some work their bra straps get a rub to their shoulder due to this they get irritated which makes them sometimes not to wear a bra. This irritation increase when the season changes as in summer due to sweat this irritation increases.

This is also achieved due to the type of bra you wearing and type of strips that it had. Wider strips will irritate you more as compared to narrower one. But you can avoid this irritation by a simple trick and that trick is to attach special silicone pads to the straps which will not allow them to rub your skin. In general, rubbing straps is a sign that the band of the bra is stretched, and all the load is going to the straps.

4. Make a strapless dress more comfortable:

This is especially for the women who love to wear strapless bras or who love to wear skirts. But they are not able to achieve this thing as they might get discomfort occurred due to strapless bras as there are chances that it might get slips off from your chest resulting that you avoid this type of bras in your life.

But no need to avoid anymore as you can wear strapless bras with your favorite skirts and enjoy your life. All you need to do is to choose the right bra for a strapless dress, especially one with an open back, is not an easy thing. An excellent way out is to cut off the front of a bra, and sew it straight into the dress bodice. We know that it’s not an easy thing, but you can achieve this with the help of tailor or with your friend who is an expert in this.

5. How to adjust the straps:

This situation arises with every girl/women in the world they always see that the straps of their bras always get displaced from their original position. And many girls don’t know how perfectly adjust the straps of your bra. Don’t worry for this here is the simple trick through which you can easily adjust your bra straps.

You need to do one is simply taking the first two fingers of your hand and properly place it underneath your bra and slide your finger front to back easily and by doing this you will be clearly able to see that the straps of your bra get adjusted easily. This is one of the simple tricks to adjust your bra.

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6. To lift your breasts:

Every girl has a dream in their life that their breast should be uplifted at some important time. When they are going for a party night or outing with her boyfriend. They want that their best part of the body should make her body looking attractive. But some are not able to achieve this because they don’t know the perfect way how to lift your breast, but don’t worry we have the solution of this.

To lift your breast in a perfect way all you need to do is to do this simple step and that is using the cross straps at the back of your bra. If your bra is stretched and holds your breasts poorly or you simply want more lift, then crossing the straps at the back will help to achieve this. It’s a very simple trick to lift your breast. Just wear the correct size of bra with a strap at the back.

7. How to improve a lace bra:

Many girls face a problem that when they wear a bra, their bra doesn’t give any volume to their breast and that makes them feel worried. To get rid of this and solve this problem, put a swimsuit cup insert inside it, and it will help you to give volume and this underwear looks exquisite and its comfortable and soft. By this simple method, you can improve the lace bra.

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8. If you’ve got gaps:

This is the common problems that arise among ladies with big breasts. Due to their big size of their breast, this problem arises as they get gaps in their shirts between two buttons. So to avoid and make your curves more attractive just you need to do one simple thing and that is to fasten the edges of the shirt between the buttons with double-sided sticky tape made for clothing.

By doing this method, it will make your confident and embraces your curves more perfectly without making you ashamed.

9. A comfortable way of storing bras:

This is the important and great piece of advice for the girls and ladies for storing your bra. By doing this you will make your bra stronger and they will not lose their shape and will always be on hand. A great way to store your bras is to use a simple hanger. So these are all the simple tips and tricks for you.

If you apply all these tips and tricks in perfect way you can also achieve like Kylie Jenner breasts, and you can also wear a backless bra or you can make your own strapless bras that don’t slip, Now by applying stripes to your bras you can make a bra racerback. And your bra will never slip from your body. By reading this article you can also make a backless bra and dly comfortable bra.


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