Hard Truths about Relationships and No One Wants to admit it

The relationship is something in which two people come in colder to each other. We all have relationships, that are connected to us but it is hard to find. The relationship can only be perfect if give time to each other but with the development of social media or our busy schedule, we are unable to do this thing. And one day the barrier will be broken which will leave you awestruck thinking that how to have a successful relationship or what wrong did I do.

Yes, these are the hard truth about the relationship in which you try to save it in every possible way but somewhere you are developing a sign of an unhealthy relationship.
We always think that we are giving the perfect amount of time to our relationship but think of you if it’s right or not.

The biggest mistake we usually do in our relationships is denying the truth that how unavailable we are. We are so much busy in our daily activates that we are forgetting all about relationship. We also deny the truth about how little effort we put into our most important relationships. Well, this is the truth about relationships and you admit it also.

So, enough is enough, for successful relationships, we need to change and the good news is that we can change. All of us can.

So, here are the Hard Truths about Relationships:

1. Look down on people when we disagree with them:

The relationship is all about disagreeing with each other. A perfect and healthy relationship will only be able to build if you both disagree sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that you should behave in an abusive way. Disagreeing is mainly because to understand them that what he is trying to say.

One of the main reason of upsets is, you predict everything by yourself and live in the world of fantasy. A type of fantasy world in which you have strongly believe that they should work according to way only. If not, then you will get disagree them.

For this “Take a deep breath” and tell yourself that It’s OK. Disagree is the natural thing. Instead of accusing them poorly and behaving in an abnormal manner, Learn to appreciate them. This appreciation can be in the form of their perspectives, lifestyles, and opinions. This is one the most successful relationship tips as it makes you understand and this will help your partner too.

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2. We have a tendency to dwell on people’s weaknesses:

Try not to dwell people’s weakness as this not make you great and happy. Instead of this be kind to them, Compliment them, and tell their strengths instead of weakness. This will make you more understandable and it will your partner to understand you. This is how to make a real and lasting healthy thing in your relationships.

3. Relationships aren’t as easy as we want them to be:

Being in a relationship is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, understanding, time, sacrifice and compromise to be in a relationship. A relationship is only considered good if both of you give time to each other. For keeping a relationship good it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and understanding.

There might be several difficulties present in front of you but its responsibility how to deal with it. Thus always try to learn new thing from your relationship and take your relationship to a new height than the previous one.

4. Don’t know about the people in our lives:

This is universal fact that it is impossible to know a person completely because you can’t judge them that how they feel at that time. Only one thing that you can do is to try to understand them as much as possible. If you want to make your relationship stronger and healthier then try to understand them. One more important thing is not to judge a person as quickly as possible until and unless you understand them because you never know that how they feel at that point in time.

5. Relationships are filled with unnecessary judgments:

This is one of the hard truths about love that we never admit. We always do unnecessary judgments without ever thinking that how it would feel your other ones. So, try to avoid it as much as possible. Open your heart, mind and be kind to them. Overthinking might cause a question mark in your relationship.

So, don’t judge people because when we judge, we learn nothing. Instead of judging, try to understand them and be humble to them. This can only be possible if ask their stories and understands them that how they are feeling and what they are trying to say. So, listen, be humble and be teachable.

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6. Try to hide our flaws:

Everyone is not perfect not even your better half. So, hiding secrets from your better half can make your relationship unhealthy as a result it might break. So, it’s always good to tell everything to your better half, your likes, dislikes or your past, of which he might be unaware.

Telling everything to him will develop a strong bond of trust between each other and your relationship will never be broken and he will understand you more than others.

7. Try to “fix” the people we care about:

It’s a very nice act to do because fixing in one of the main things that have to be done in a relationship. Fixing tells us that how much you care about this relationship. It’s not space where you are trying to fix rather than it’s about being a witness to the totality of who they truly are and what you are the most.

8. Take too many things too personally:

Taking anything personally clearly means that you do not understand your partner. As every people have different thinking and it’s important in a relationship that nothing should be taken personally. In a relationship, there will many situations that will come in front of you in which you have to deal with certain choices, jokes, and decision. But nothing takes personally from it because that decision should come from both of you. Get detached yourself from other people’s negative gestures and behaviors.

9. Resist change within our relationships:

Changing is the good phenomenon is person’s life as changing clearly means that you are moving forward in your life. In a relationship, positive changing is necessary as healthy, authentic relationships move in the direction of personal growth. You must embrace it because the relationship is that point in which many changes take place from positive to negative one but it job to move away from negative changes.

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10. Place too much blame on our relationships:

This is bitter truth in a relationship that you should know. In a relationship, everyone tries to blame each other for the mistake they have done. You have to stop this if you want your relationship should be healthy and perfect. Blaming, excusing is the part of an unhealthy relationship and that’s the main thing of losing trust.

Try to accept your mistake if you have done something wrong make everyone happy. Overall it’s your responsibility to resolve this and save your relationship.
So, these Hard Truths about Relationships and No One Wants to admit it. Your relationship is important for you both and you should not feel any type of pressure in that relationship.

If somewhere you might feel that only you are the one that you’re trying to save that relationship whereas other is not doing anything then it might be the situation that you are dating a psycho. If this is the case then get away from that relationship as early as possible, because that person will make you psycho too.

So, for a healthy relationship, go ahead and find a quiet space also cherish your personal time. So these are the keys to a successful relationship. Take long walks and drives by yourself with our special one are the best methods to spend time and make a healthy relationship.


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