Basic things to know about WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, is currently being owned by famous social company Facebook. WhatsApp is now getting ready to get down into ‘business’ world with the help of new application called WhatsApp Business. It is ready to connect people with small business and bring them together, making them to easily connect with you. WhatsApp messenger is being used by approx 1.2 billion users globally and 200 million users are from India itself.

WhatsApp chief operating officer (COO) Matt Idema told Wall Street Journal company is testing this WhatsApp business app in free of cost but in the future company may charge. This is because the exact model of WhatsApp business is not ready yet. This feature was introduced in India on the ticket booking website BookMyShow.

The instant messaging application WhatsApp business will be made available to Android’s Play Store in India and you’ll start receiving texts from businesses with a green tick and their name. Here green trick clearly shows that the message coming is from verified business, so that no fraud is there. WhatsApps aims at strengthening and streamlining the reach of small business without further investments in any type of website development, infrastructure for customer support or more.

Now WhatsApp and business together with WhatsApp business are getting ready for the new feature. So, for the same, we are here to answer few questions that may doubt you that what WhatsApp business is mainly for?

WhatsApp Business
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What is the main feature of WhatsApp businesses app?

WhatsApp is stepping into the business world and in this peoples with verified profiles for official businesses will be there. Green ticks beside such profiles similar to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will clearly show you that these all are verified ones. WhatsApp business is right now free to use because it is in testing mode. In future, WhatsApp will charge from WhatsApp business. Their main motive is to help businesses to connect with you directly and in a more personal way.

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Working of WhatsApp business app?

WhatsApp says that the user will get notifications on your app. Suppose if you’re ordering something from e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon. If they are present on WhatsApp then they will regularly update you by sending messages WhatsApp business app. This is the main purpose that WhatsApp business will work also if a seller is in this app, then you can order directly by sending SMS to them. This how easy ways WhatsApp is doing now.

Will Whatsapp business affect normal users?

WhatsApp says that this will not affect normal users as no major change will be there. The official blog states that “people can continue using WhatsApp as usual – there’s no need to download anything new. People will get features like they have the power to block anyone including a business person. They also have control over the messages as report spam feature will also be present there.

It is generally for small business right now and WhatsApp business will be a separate application apart from an instant messaging platform which gives business to communicate with their consumer/client.

How to start using the WhatsApp business App?

Since it is a separate application so WhatsApp Business will be available to play store for download. The user can download it from there. Currently, this feature is only available to the Android user as ios version will take some time to get published, User have to register using a different number for the business.

Is it more than normal WhatsApp?

It’s quite more than the normal WhatsApp. The business owner or the owner of the account will be able to set up a profile with some crucial information like website, location, contacts etc.

Call me option will also be present there as the business account can setup landline number in it. Also, the customer can text message out for business working hours. The message can even contain instructions or answers to frequently asked questions.
Whatsapp web feature will also be present there as for more interaction. This adds additional efficiency for business account holders.

One of the main features in WhatsApp business is that they can know the number of messages that have been read by users. Since WhatsApp Business will allow these accounts to analyze user activity on a mass level. Other than this WhatsApp business will have all other features which are present in WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is also trying to add a payment option to it as users might be able to use UPI payment option in it. Since right knows it is developing mode so they are to add these types of features also.

When will this feature arrive?

As of now, WhatsApp has said that it is in a testing phase. It is basically working on a free version of WhatsApp for businesses. Right now only a limited number of enterprises are available for testing, in a pilot program. So, it may take some time before it becomes globally available.

What is main motive of WhatsApp behind doing this?

Currently, whatsapp is totally free of cost and it does not charge any type of fee from the user. but now WhatsApp is trying to make some changes and it’s trying to great some revenue from it. WhatsApp business is mainly started to generate some revenue because WhatsApp messenger is currently free of cost and without ads also. With 1.2 billion users on WhatsApp, Facebook will try to generate some revenue from it. That’s why in future WhatsApp business will charge some amount of money for further processing.

Will encryption work even for WhatsApp businesses?

Encryption is the top priority of the WhatsApp and this company has also confirmed it. Encryption will always be there in the app regardless of any features. So any communication between you and the company will be encrypted and no third party will be able to read them. However, there will be some other method also. In some case of business, they decide to hire a service provider to conduct its functioning on WhatsApp, so that firm can read messages if they have permission for so. There will be more options in it like block any business and many more.

WhatsApp has also released latest feature Delete for everyone

So these were the certain basic question that does arise in person mind regarding WhatsApp business. If you have more questions related to this then do comment us as your comment will help others to know about it.


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