Sweet facts you never knew about honey

Honey is a natural, sweet and viscous food substance that is produced by bees and various insects. These sugary substances is collected from wild bee colonies, or from hives of domesticated bees, a practice know as ” beekeeping “. Honey is mainly produced by enzymatic activity and water vaporization and stores it in wax structures called honeycombs.

Honey tastes sweet due to monosaccharides fructose and glucose and has about the same relative sweetness as granulated sugar. One of main property of honey is, it can be stored up to thousands of years because most of the microorganism do not grow in it, so as for result it does not get spoiled.

Honey is used in many areas that are from flavor to medicinal purpose. You can spread it on toast or create the perfect marriage of flavors in cakes, glazes or sauces. Honey can be used for a medicinal purpose as it is a miracle for losing weight. Due to its many specifications honey is one of nature’s finest and most versatile ingredients. Now explore your knowledge to know:

How honey is made?

What influences honey taste?

what makes honey and wine so similar?

What the benefit of honey in our health is?

sweet facts about honey

Yummy honey

Honey tastes great in nature as you can spread it on bread or you can make cakes by mixing it. It is the best alternative to sugars as it controls your sugar level and prevents you from diabetics. Honey is one of nature’s finest and most versatile ingredients. Honey has many health benefits.

What is honey?

A high carbohydrate sugar a combination of fructose and glucose produced by honey bees from flower nectar is the perfect definition of honey. Bees are the ingredient of making honey as the bees consume the nectar from flowers, digest it and store it. Raw honey is generally created when bees, flower nectar, and enzymes get to interact with each other to produce its distinctive flavors.

The secrets of honeycomb

Honeycomb is the house of honey. The bees prepare honey and store it in honeycomb within their hives, they then seal it off. We enjoy honey from that honeycomb, when it’s collected by beekeepers and processed for us to enjoy.

Why do bees make it?

It’s not that bees make honey only for humans in fact honey is a stored food source for the bees. Bees can return to it whenever they need it. In the winter season, flowers aren’t able to bloom up properly as a result food source get lost from them. So, in difficult days bees get food from their honey. Overall, honey is basically a food larder for bees.

Bears and honey

Bears are basically honey lovers. You all have seen a carton name ‘ Winnie The Pooh’. Well, Winnie the Pooh is not only the bear who loves to eat honey. Bears get attracted to honey when they see it. Bears famously attack beehives, this is in part to get to the honey. In addition to this bear do consume the bees, which are high in protein. Other mammals including skunks, opossums, and raccoons all can’t get enough of the stuff.

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Humans and honey

It’s not the thing that only animals loves honey, in fact, humans do love honey. A recent study has been shown that people 8,000-year-old in a cave painting in Spain, shows that humans have to enjoy honey since from long time ago.

Comb honey & Collecting the honey

Comb honey is mainly called the natural honey that we obtained directly from bees. Comb honey is taken directly from the hive beeswax, just as it is stored by the bees.

We can collect honey from bees in many ways but one of the oldest ways is by smoking process. In this process first smoking is done to the bees when bees move away from its comb, then the honeycombs are collected by beekeepers. Nowadays beekeepers use a special type of suit, with the help of which they are easily able to obtain honey from the comb. This is the safest way as there are no chances of getting bitten by bees.

Extracting the honey & Processing the honey

Extracting honey from the honeycomb are mainly done in two methods. The first method is, the honey is drawn off the honeycomb through extraction. This can either be done over time by draining it off, or another method is it can be extracted through a forced process of extraction by centrifugal force, i.e. spinning it off.

Processing of honey is very much important as through this we can remove all the debris from the honey, and we can obtain a pure and neat honey. We can remove debris from the honey by the interaction process in which core liquid is sifted out. When debris has been completely removed then honey may then be pasteurized or heat-treated to kill off any bacteria, in much the same way and for similar reasons to how milk is pasteurized.

Liquid honey & Chunk honey

Liquid honey is the form of honey that is obtained from the extraction and filtration process. The most common form of honey that you’re likely to find on supermarket shelves.

Chunk honey is essentially a combination of comb honey with liquid honey poured over it and stored in a jar.

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Granulated honey & Raw honey

A honey obtained in powered from either by drying of freezing to removing all its water content is called granulated honey. The results are typically used to make the bath and cosmetic products.

Raw honey is the form of honey that hasn’t been pasteurized or heat-treated. It retains its natural flavors and more health properties when in this form. It also retains bacteria that might be harmful to some people.

Pasteurized honey & Blended honey

Pasteurization generally means killing the bacteria with heat treatment. Pasteurized honey means honey processed by the heat method to kill bacteria. There are also various products which are heated to kill bacteria, such as milk or cheese, pasteurization generally doesn’t means killing bacteria by heat method. It also adds some flavors to substances which have been pasteurized.

Blended honey generally means combining various honey in one at the processing stage. If bees haven’t blended the honey from their varied diet of different flowers, different kinds of honey can be combined at the processing stage to produce a specific blended profile. It’s comparable to single-origin coffee vs blended coffee or single malt whiskey vs blended whiskey.

What influences its taste?

Honey tastes generally influence due to the type of bees which are making hiney or the type of flower on which bees are there. Honey tastes are fundamentally shaped by what the bees producing it have fed on. Flowers of single variety on a large field generally produces a single flavor honey whereas, in areas with large fields with more flower varieties, more complex multi-floral flavors can be tasted.

How is honey like wine and Why does honey color vary?

Honey is just similar to wine as honey is found all around the world and every place has their different climatic conditions. So, it basically depends on the location where bees are growing honey. Honey tastes like the flowers the bees have feasted on. One area can produce different flavors from year to year depending on the heat, whether or rain.

Honey color mainly caries due to location and weather. Color can be a good indicator of flavor, lighter colored honey typically tastes lighter and more citrus-like, while a darker honey suggests hints of spice and molasses.

The mystery of mead & What does mead taste like?

Everyone loves to drink wine but have you ever imagined that world’s oldest alcoholic drink is also made from honey. Mead is the type of fermented honey wine. This wine is very simply produced by adding yeast to honey and water. This must be fermented for several weeks to obtain a perfect mead. It is in then aged for several months.

A sweet mead clearly has honey flavors bolstered by alcohol, whereas dry mead exhibits more spicy notes.

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Who makes the world’s honey?

Honey is produced all over the world thus total 300 varieties of honey is in the US alone, but fewer than 10 are commonly found. A major producer of honey is Turkey, the US, Ukraine, and Russia which mainly produce around 22%. In volume terms, China produces nearly a third of the world’s honey. You mainly get honey from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US, that mainly fills up the shelves of the supermarket.There are over 300 varieties of honey in the US alone, but fewer than 10 are commonly found.

Clover honey & Orange blossom honey

Clover honey is a table, honey. A type of honey of which most common people think of. It is gently delicate in taste and its color is usually extra light amber.

Orange blossom honey is mixed with nectar from nearby citrus flowers, such as lemon and lime. It is a single-variety honey that makes a great spreading honey but is also used to bake cakes and biscuits. Orange blossom honey is mainly found and consumed in France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, California, and Texas.

Manuka honey & Acacia honey

It’s a type honey that is mainly obtained and comes from Australia and New Zealand. Manuka honey is the gooiest of all honey. It also has some special color in it as it is usually dark-colored cream to brown and tastes earthy, oily, a little bitter and heather-like. While Acacia honey has a mild but slightly tangy flavor, with a usually very pale amber color.

Other local specialties

Honey is harvested in a various way in other countries like in France, honey harvested from lavender flowers, while in Greece a form that’s produced from wild thyme. There are also other regions that have their own local specialties derived from their key local flowers.

Honey and sore throats

Honey is also used as a medicine. It’s a god gifted to us in the field of medicine. Honey helps us to cure if we have any problem. When you have sore throats, so to get rid of it you can consume honey. Honey provides relief to us when taken in a sore throat. Also, it to warm lemon water or with tea at night-time to ease your symptoms.

Who can’t eat honey?

Honey is obtained by miking up with bacteria and natural enzymes, so the elderly and babies under the age of one are recommended not to consume it because they have a weaker immune system.

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Don’t just eat it!

As you have told already that there are a lot of things that you can do with honey. Apart from eating it, you can also use it as a cosmetic product. You can apply honey to your lips or elbows to ease dryness, add honey to bath-water for a more relaxing dip, or massaged into hair tips to reduce frizz, So, you don’t need to eat it to feel the benefits. Honey has a wide variety of cosmetic uses.


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