Why you should never feed your baby water

Babies are the gift of the god, and taking care of that gift is the major responsibility to us. Babies are new in this world and they don’t know much that what is good or bad for them. It’s our responsibility that we should take care of them.

Why you should never feed your baby water
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When a person reaches parent hood age they are very much excited that how they take care of their baby. Every parent gets a pre-planned of that before welcoming new ones.
In their planning, parents forgets one thing that they should not feed water to their baby. Everybody knows very well that water is the essential part of us as every human being contains water in their body. Even small babies do contain water in their body.

Why is not important to feed water to your baby?

Feeding baby can be dangerous for you as when the baby comes to this new world, one of the main thing that it needs to survive is mother milk. Mother milk is the type of milk that contains all the vitamin and minerals in it and water can not full fill it.

Babies should be fed with mother milk up to six months no matter what the season is, whether its summer or winter. Not a single drop of water should be given to baby for first six months.

Mother milk contains all the essential vitamin and minerals in it and it gives all the nutrition in the baby body. Everybody knows that for hydration water is needed, but this is not the same case for babies, babies can live without water too.

Fatal things that will be there if you feed water to the baby?

Babies are the gentle things in this world. If you feed water to the baby that clearly means that you’re breaking the development process or mechanism of the baby.  Feeding baby water clearly means that you’re not giving them essential nutrition for them. Which in turn will make them weak and it will stop the growth of the baby.

Feeding too much water to the baby can make a baby in a coma, and much more severe health risk. It can also lead death of the baby.  Feeding baby too much water clearly shows that you’re dropping the sodium level of that infant which in turn makes low blood pressure. You know very well that what are the harmful effects on your health if there is a low blood pressure.

How this can be avoided?

Babies should be fed with mother milk for first six months because mother milk contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and fats in it.

You can give one sip of water to babies if they cross 6 months but remember that only one sip of water should be given not plenty of it.

Since this is the developing stage of the babies and a baby will only be able to grow if they get a perfect nutrition, and this nutrition can only be obtained from breast milk. Some baby grows very fast will other take time to develop and if you provide water in it then you are stopping the process of development of your baby.

So its better to learn all the things that you should do before you are going to have a baby. Also, do learn that and because this all comes in the parenting stage. You should learn all this if you want to become a good and parents.

Do share your experience and your thought that what you do or not to do at this stage as this might help others to know if their new to this field.


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