15 Foods That Will Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that occurs naturally in all parts of the body. Everybody needs some cholesterol to work properly. Cholesterol can be good and bad for you. Too much cholesterol in your blood can form a plaque which get stick to walls of your arteries. Plaque is one of the substances that can narrow your arteries or even block them. Based on their types of cholesterol there are mainly two types of cholesterol:

HDL stands for high-density lipoproteins. This is the “good” cholesterol because it carries cholesterol from other parts of your body back to your liver. Your liver then removes the cholesterol from your body.

LDL stands for low-density lipoproteins. It is called the “bad” cholesterol because a high LDL level leads to a build-up of cholesterol in your arteries.

There are many diseases that get born due to high levels of cholesterol, as a high level of cholesterol in the blood can increase your risk of heart disease. You will not be able to notice the signs or symptoms that you have high blood cholesterol, but it can be detected with a blood test. One of the primary reasons that you have high-level cholesterol is, if you are overweight or if you eat a lot of fatty foods.

There are various ways by which you can lower the level of your cholesterol one the main method is that you can lower your cholesterol by exercising more and eating more fruits and vegetables. Other secondary methods are that you also may need to take prescriptions to lower your cholesterol as prescribed by the doctor.

Cholesterol can be reduced in natural by eating foods that suit best for reducing cholesterol, and here the best food that you can eat in any amount at any time for reducing cholesterol. So just go through it and be well prepared for avoiding cholesterol.

1. Chickpeas

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The chickpea or chickpea is different types are variously known as a gram. Its seeds are high in protein. Chickpea is the great source of protein and it’s a great option if you need to lower your cholesterol. Studies show that eating dried peas daily significantly lowered bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol levels by about 5 percent

2. Plum

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A plum is a fruit that may have a dusty-white waxy coating that gives them a glaucous appearance. Plum can be eaten in the form of snacks and it is a sweet way to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Plum contains antioxidants in it that help out your heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Plum can lower your heart attack risk by 34 percent if you eat this fruit on a regular basis.

3. Whole-Grain Cereal

white cereals
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Wholegrain cereals are three layers of grain that include wheat, rice, corn, oats, rye, barley, and millet. Wholemeal or multi-grain bread, muffins, and crumpets, Wholegrain or whole-wheat breakfast cereals or muesli, Wholemeal or mixed grain crisp bread, Brown rice, rice cakes, Wholemeal pasta, Corn, oats, quinoa, pearled barley, millet or amaranth, Cracked wheat (bulgur) are the several examples of Whole-Grain Cereal.

Wholegrain cereals are full of nutrition’s which mainly contains more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than refined cereal foods such as white bread, It is because many of the important nutrients occur in the outer layer of the grain which is lost during processing.

So, try to include this cereal in your breakfast and if you skip your breakfast then you will skip fibers in your body which helps you to lower your bad cholesterol resulting from lower risk of heart attack.

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4. Oats

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Sometimes called the common oat is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed. Oats are a nutrient-rich food associated with lower blood cholesterol when consumed regularly. Eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning can help lower your cholesterol and keep you full and satisfied until lunch. It can also give you fiber same as cereal.

5. Kamut

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Kamut is a tetraploid wheat species, which is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich, nutty flavor. A recent study by Italian researchers, people regularly eating foods made with Kamut saw their cholesterol levels decrease and resulting from the lower risk of heart attack.

6. Broccoli

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Broccoli is the similar to as cauliflower but the main difference is that it is a green color. Broccoli is of various colors but the majority are of green color. With its amazing color and shape Broccoli tastes amazing and including Broccoli in your diet can help to reduce bad cholesterol. Adding some broccoli to your plate will do your body good. Broccoli is packed with fiber, adding and steaming a few cups for dinner or eating a handful as a snack will keep your cholesterol levels in check.

7. Coconut

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Have you ever thought that Coconut will help to reduce cholesterol? Coconut is a super food, with its amazing shape and nature coconut helps a person to reduce the level of cholesterol. One study showed eating the fruit is great for lowering cholesterol levels – even if you just top your salad with some crunchy flakes.

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8. Tart Cherries

tart cherry
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Tart Cherries are very much similar to small cherries. The tree is smaller than the sweet cherry. Tart Cherries are although sweet in nature but its antioxidant properties help women to reduce the level of cholesterol with decrease the risk of heart attack in women. The reason for its popularity is it is used in cherry pies, cherry desserts, and other cherry-based recipes and it is also used in various recipes. Anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant found in purple and dark red fruits and vegetables, may help decrease the risk of heart attack in women.”

9. Garlic

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Garlic is also a superfood apart from its illogical structure and nasty taste garlic is a miracle for cholesterol people. Garlic has the power of many antioxidants; with its properties and nature garlic help us various health benefits. Research shows the power herb could help reduce total cholesterol levels. So try to include a piece of garlic in your daily routine and get protection from bad cholesterol.

10. White Beans

white beans
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Grown in every continent except Antarctica, It is also known as the common bean, green bean. The common bean is a highly variable species that has a long history of cultivation. Brazil and India are the largest producers of dry beans, while China produces, by far, the largest quantity of green beans. White beans are also cholesterol-fighting superstars just like chickpeas.

11. Wild Blueberries

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Wild Blueberries are the god gifted to us which not only makes the taste of our tongue it also makes our health much better by protecting us from bad level cholesterol. Blueberries tastes sweet when mature, with variable acidity. Blueberry bushes bears fruit in the middle of the growing season. Blueberries are the food with cholesterol-fighting fiber. They offer twice the antioxidants of regular blueberries – and eating a diet rich in antioxidants is linked with a lower risk of heart disease.

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12. Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are made up of full fiber and with the amazing property, it can also use for the medical purpose also. Chia seeds are used medicinally and for food. Chia seeds act like a sponge to us when consumed to us, it soaks up the cholesterol, while the insoluble fiber works like a broom, sweeping the intestines clean. Chia seeds are full of fiber so do include this in your diet and stay protected from the risk of heart attack.

13. Red Onion

red onions
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Red Onion is just like normal onion but only the main difference is that Red onions are  purplish red skin and white flesh tinged with red. Red Onion can be used on the regular basis and they are often consumed raw, grilled or lightly cooked with other foods, or added as a decoration to salads. These onions tend to be medium to large in size and have a mild, to sweet flavor. Red onions are high in flavonoids, including fiber. Onions might make you shed a tear but this veggie contains anthoxanthins that help lower blood pressure, and speed up your metabolism. Thus you can Red Onion on the daily basis in replacement of the regular Onion.

14. Walnuts

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Walnuts are the superfood to us as with its unique shape, it has amazing property. A walnut is the nut of any tree which is used for food that is in the form of nutmeat and green fir pickeled. The walnut is nutrient-dense with protein and essential fatty acids. And many studies show us that Walnut contains many antioxidants in it and regularly eating nuts can help lower our cholesterol – both total cholesterol and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.

15. Pomegranate

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Originated in the region extending from modern-day Iran through Afghanistan and Pakistan to northern India, The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree that grows between 5 and 8 m (16 and 26 ft) tall.

Pomegranates are used in baking, cooking, juice blends, meal garnishes, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails and wine.

Pomegranates have the power to lower the level of bad cholesterol that it is a very effective way to get protected from the cholesterol. Also, verybody loves to eat pomegranate so by eating this you can protect yourself.

So these are all the superfoods that you can use for staying healthy. There are also various ways of reducing your cholesterol level. One of the main methods is by running and doing exercise on the regular basis. Levels of cholesterol can also be reduced by taking the certain prescription as prescribed by the doctor, But what is the need of that if you are able to control by your own and in a natural method. The prescription is for those people who are not able to do exercise daily and hows cholesterol level are reached to the maximum that they will directly lead to heart attack and if you want to stay fit and young, try to add these all foods in your diet.

Also get your body regular checkup for knowing that is your cholesterol level is in under control or not and if not then get started to control it and stay healthy.


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