20 Things You Should Never Do on Airplanes

Airplanes are the word of which everybody is dream to travel and everybody loves to travel in an airplane and they are quite nervous if they are first-time flyers because they don’t know that what we can carry in flight? Or what to wear on a long-haul flight? And even more question like “things I can take on a plane”. Yes, there are even more hundreds of questions that arise in person’s mind, if they are traveling first time in a plane.


20 Things You Should Never Do on Airplanes

These are all the side questions because you will get experience when you travel first time on a plane. The main thing is that you should take care of these things and should avoid these behaviors if you fly next time. Because traveling is stressful as it is, so let’s not add the burden of getting sick from the flight to your itinerary. Experts reveal where the germs are hiding and how to stay healthy and comfortable while airborne. So, here are all the plane fact that you should take care if you are on a plane trip. So, just read all this and do take care of these things next time:

1. Sleeping through takeoff or landing:

So this is one the important tips for first-time flyers. When the plane ascends or descends the air pressure around you changes faster than the air inside your ear. So, to equalize the pressure doctors recommends chewing gum and yawn quickly, when the plane is going to take off or land. By this, you will be able to equalize air pressure around you and your body. Also sleeping in the pressure change can quite be dangerous for you because when pressure changes around you while sleeping, then there might be an ear infection, slight hearing loss, eardrum damage, or nosebleeds and severe hearing loss can be there.

2. Sitting from takeoff to landing:

Sitting from takeoff to landing can be dangerous to you because the low air pressure in the cabin can slow your circulation and set you up for blood clots, particularly in the legs. Blood clots can be dangerous for you as it poses major health issues if they travel to your lungs, brain, or heart.

So, to avoid this doctor suggest you move around as often as possible. You can also protect yourself from blood clot by performing these exercise when you’re seated: Raise your heels while your toes are on the floor; raise your toes while your heels on the floor; and clench and release your leg muscles. Repeat each move a handful of times before moving on to the next, and repeat the entire series periodically throughout your flight. This exercise is much easier and it can be too worth for lazy person, and especially peoples sitting in the window and middle seats.

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3. Don’t sit in your seat the entire flight:

Are you confused that what to do in entire flight? Because seating in your seat the entire flight may develop a higher risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is a type of blood clot that usually forms in your legs. DVT can be avoided simply by performing a simple exercise. Just walking around for a few minutes or standing up to stretch is best to prevent it, but always remember to put on your shoes while doing so. Also, try to avoid tight clothing that could cut off circulation while in flight and read best travel outfits for long flights. If you can’t get up, then you can do exercise in your seat by lifting alternate knees and twisting side by side around your chair. You perform this exercise at least once every hour, to be on a safe side as recommended by a doctor.

4. Dozing off when it’s daytime at your final destination:

Dozing off when it’s daytime can make you in trouble because it interrupts your whole day activity and makes you harder to adjust to the time zone. So, to avoid all these confusion try to set your time zone of your watch accordingly when you travel from one place to other. Then adjust your activities accordingly: If your watch says it’s bedtime, go ahead and shut your eyes. Otherwise, open up and face the day! (Even if it’s dark out.)

5. Declining a beverage:

Your body gets dehydrated when going up to high altitudes especially on an airplane because your body exhales every time when you breathe. An airplane cabin air is notoriously dry. So when the flight attendant rolls up, place an order and request refills on the regular.

6. Ordering tea or coffee:

In an airplane coffees and teas are made from plane tap water that could contain coliform, bacteria found in 12 percent of commercial airplanes. As long as your immune system is up to snuff, the stuff won’t necessarily make you sick. So don’t risk it: Opt for bottled water, instead. Another reason to avoid coffee and tea: Caffeinated beverages aren’t your best while flying. “Caffeine slightly dehydrates you,”.

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7. Skip the ice in your drink:

According to Airplane act, the water served in plane comes to water bottle but what about ice. An ice is specially made up for water tanks and water tanks on an airplane are old and they’ve tested them and bacteria are there in those tanks. That’s why it is recommended for you to drink bottled water.

8. Drinking anything with bubbles like soda:

As you go on high altitude especially in an airplane, air pressure changes gradually and this change in pressure can cause your body to expand as much as 25 percent. So due to this, avoid beverages that contain bubbles in it, because bubbly beverages do the same thing they can exacerbate these uncomfortable effects. Skip them to feel less bloated when you land.

9. Boozing it up:

Drinking wine can be dangerous for you especially when you are on an airplane. Cabin on an airplane is already of low air pressure and air pressure also affects the taste and quantity of your wine. Drinking a glass of wine in an airplane is like drinking two glass wine on the ground. This happens because thin-air of a plane makes the effects of alcohol hit you faster, and harder. There is also another reason for this, Drinking wine makes your body dehydrated which as a result affects your immune system. Due to this, it can make you feel irritable and lethargic. So, it’s better to lay off the liquor until you’re back on the ground.

10. Bingeing on plane food:

Eating while you are hungry is good and you should be hydrated and keep your stomach full. But before eating any food just be aware that while you are 1000 feets high above from ground. Due dry cabin air and low air pressure,  your ability to perceive salty and sweet tastes reduce by 15 to 30 percent — which can make foods taste worse when you eat it in the air. Also, a good ambiance is needed for eating and in-plane you will not be able to get so because the noise from the airplane engine doesn’t help either.  Some airlines compensate for the ambiance by serving saltier foods, so you could end easily end up overdoing it on sodium.

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11. Eating food after it falls on your tray table:

Well, that’s not a good manner whether you are on a flight or at home. You know very well that there are germs and bacteria present all over the place. You should avoid this especially when you are on a plane, try not to eat food. If they get dropped into tray try not to eat that food because that tray might not be cleaned well, also it would contain the highest level of bacteria in it. So to avoid this, give the surface a once-over yourself using an antibacterial wipe, or hand sanitizer and a napkin.

12. Fussing with your seat belt:

Do you know how to wear a seatbelt? If not then do call flight attendant for this. In today’s investigation it’s found that seat belts were pretty icky — they, too, were covered with potentially harmful bacteria. So, avoid touching the strap after you fasten it, and put your hand sanitizer to use after buckling in.

13. Walking around barefoot:

It’s nice to feel plane just like your home but that doesn’t mean that you should walk barefoot in a plane or stand barefoot. Flight attendants have seen everything from vomit to blood to spilled food hit that carpet.  So that’s why it is advisable to you to not to walk in barefoot while you are going to the bathroom or somewhere else. Sometimes people drop glasses and there could be sharp glass too.

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14. Holding it in until you get there:

Unless you regularly relieve yourself in some hole in the woods, using the plane restroom probably won’t be the highlight of your trip. But if you feel the urge to pee while you’re in the air, just suck it up and use the bathroom. Otherwise, your urine will hang around in the bladder where it can trigger an infection — and really make vacationing a pain.

15.Ditch your contact lenses:

Wearing contact lens during flights might be irritating to you because the air in the cabin is very dry and can cause irritation to your eyes. So, it’s advisable for you to opt to wear glasses in flight.

16.Don’t turn off the air vent over your seat:

Turning off air vent over your seat might not be good for you because doctors recommend that the adjustable air over your seat should be set to medium or high in flight so that any airborne germs can be blown away before they enter your personal zone. If the air blowing makes you chilly, it might be smarter to throw on a sweatshirt rather than turn off the vent.

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17.Don’t use the blankets:

You know very well that, how clean and hygienic airplane blankets are? Airplane item is recycled flight to flight and usually don’t get properly washed until the day is over. Items like pillows and blankets are ideal places for germs and lice to camp out and spread from person to person.  Sometimes peoples wrap their feet in the blanket and sometimes they sneeze in the blankets. So, just avoid using blankets.

18.Don’t touch the flush button in the bathroom:

The bathroom is the place where germs are at extreme level. Like other public spaces on the plane, a bathroom is also a major place. Wash your hands thoroughly and use a paper towel to press the flush button and open the door.

19.Don’t fall asleep against the window:

Well, you are not alone, who has had their head pressed against that wall. This might not be good for you because, who knows who else has breathed, sneezed, coughed against that glass you doze off. So, just stay protected and not to dozed of against the wall.

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20.Don’t wear shorts:

Confused that what to wear when flying long distance? If that so then let me clear your confusion wearing shorts at the time of traveling can be harmful to you. There are several public places in the airport that might be used by many people and which can be the invitation to germs. This is not only the case of airports. This is the same case of airplanes also. Airplanes are an invitation of many germs because these planes get often clean during their whole journey. So, try to wear long flight outfit that would protect you from germs present in that plane.

So, next time when you fly by plane then do read all these information like What to wear when traveling on a plane? And what can you take on a flight? Because these all information will be useful for you and this will make you much aware when the subject comes to traveling. Do take care of these things.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable during the journey, then don’t be shy, tell your problem to flight attendant. Your health and safety come first during the journey and you are the one who has to take care of it. So, stay safe and happy journey.


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