13 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

We all have experienced some weird situation in our life that cause us a sleepless night. Going to the bed means complete rest. A place where mind is free all tensions and just relaxing.

13 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Have you ever achieved this thing in your life that as mentioned above? If yes, then congratulation, that you have unlocked the power of sleep in this busy world, But if you’re facing this problem then it might be an alarming situation for you. As, this also affects your health too.
Having a sleepless night is the cause of depression, in which, millions of peoples get trapped, and its increasing day by day. In this busy world, we get very less time to sleep and your main motive is to get a peaceful sleep in that time, this can only be achieved, if you avoid these things, when you are going to a sleep.
These are the most effective things that can disturb your night and have a lazy morning.
So, just read through it and try to avoid these things as much as possible.

1. Drink Caffeine or Tea:

Drink Caffeine
Image Source: StyleCraze
Some teas are great for calming and relieving stress before bed; these are usually herbal teas that do not contain caffeine. It’s important to read the labels on your tea. You know very well that Caffeine works as an energy boost in the morning which actives your mind. What is need of activating your mind when you’re going to bed? Caffeine is a stimulant. Therefore, it will cause disturbance to your sleep, making it harder to fall asleep while also waking you up during the night. According to CBS News, “a small and preliminary study suggests that caffeine does more than serving as an eye-opener: When consumed a few hours before bed, the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world seems to disrupt the body’s internal clock.” So, all caffeine lovers try to avoid this before going to bed.

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2. Drink Alcohol:

Drink Alcohol
Image Source: Frank
Alcohols are the latest trending things in the world, that are enjoyed and consumed by almost every person in this world. Alcohols are widely popular as night drinks. When consumed, takes the person in their fantasy world. Consumption of large amounts of alcohol is especially at night. It may seem like after a few glasses of wine you fall asleep faster, wine actually prevents you from falling into a deep sleep, while also waking you up periodically throughout the night. There are also bad effects of alcohol in your body, do read this. So it’s better to skip the wine right before bed; have it with your dinner instead.


3. Artificial Light:

Artificial Light
Image Source: Spirit Science
Artificial light has become a daily routine to us, and you can’t avoid this, its present in every place around the world. It has become an addict to every age group of the world.

Looking at your phone/TV/computer screen is detrimental to your sleep. The light from your screen keeps your mind stimulated making it harder for you to fall asleep. Melatonin is an essential part in our body which makes you in sleep. According to CNET, the blue light that your LED screen gives off can slow down or stop the production of melatonin. Without melatonin, we tend to stay awake longer which in turn keeps us up later than we intended. This can damage your health a lot, a main cause of causes. So, try to avoid this at before going to bed.

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4. Take Certain Medications:

Take Certain Medications
Image Source: SpineUniverse

Prescriptions have become a daily habit to us, and everybody is consuming it for some purposes, but certain medications have been proven to cause insomnia and disrupt sleep. If you’re facing sleepless night then it might be due to your prescriptions. Speak with your doctor about your prescriptions; you may be better off taking some of them in the morning.
If you have a habit of taking prescriptions every night then try to do yoga or exercise in the morning. This might help you!

5. Don’t Check Your Texts, Watch a Distressing Television Show or Play Video Games:

Don’t Check Your Texts
Image Source: WP Tech

We know that watching TV before bed can disrupt your sleep, add video games to it, and you’re in for a rough night. Video games promote brain stimulation and require constant interaction.
Also, checking your texts just before bed may have to send just one last text before bed, but before you know it, you’ll be in a full on conversation and you just lost an hour of sleep.
Watching television and distressing show before the bed both can cause you a sleepless night. More nighttime TV means less sleep, but a distressing television show only, makes matters worse. Research has shown that those who watch stressful television shows before bed, report more tossing and turning. Stop distracting yourself with your cell phone, video games, and television shows. When you’re ready for bed, set it aside and don’t touch it again until you wake up in the morning. Try to do all these things in the morning. If, you are a die hard fan of these.

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6. Eat Close to Bedtime:

Eat Close to Bedtime
Image Source: Sleep Sugar
This is not good for night eaters, as this will cause you a sleepless night, and damage to your health because when you’re sleeping just before eating, your intestine will not be able to digest food properly, you have to do some work for after eating. Trying to fall asleep on a full stomach may cause gas or heartburn, which can keep you awake.

Stay away from foods high in acid before bed and try not to consume more than 600 calories.

7. Eat Chocolate and Sugary Foods:

Eat Chocolate and Sugary Foods
Image Source: Taste

Eating sugary foods or drinking sugary drinks before bed will cause a rise in your blood-sugar levels, ultimately causing your energy levels to spike. You have heard from the doctor that eating chocolate is good for your health as it contains antioxidants. Do you know, which chocolate to eat, that contains antioxidants in it ? If not, then try to avoid. You will increase your sugar level and calorie instead of you’re antioxidant.
Also, try to avoid eating chocolate and sugary foods at night because they contain relatively high levels of caffeine that can keep you up at night if you’re sensitive. Chocolate also contains the obromine, a compound that has caffeine-like effects.
Best chocolate to eat is “Dark Chocolate” as it contains antioxidant but try to eat it in morning.
Do not forget to brush up your teeth

8. Exercise Right Before Bed:

Exercise Right Before Bed
Image Soure: Extreme Natural Health News
Everyone know very well that exercising before bed is good for your health and brain. Exercising at the right time is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Although exercise has proven to help you sleep, but overdoing this can cause you sleepless night because your stomach is full and all it needs is some simple digestion steps.

“Try to avoid strenuous exercise two or three hours before sleep”.

9. Eat Spicy Foods:

Eat Spicy Foods
Image Source: Viral 4 Real

Try to avoid these types of food not only at night but also whole day.  What you eat before bed will determine how you feel throughout the night. Who wants to wake up feeling sick and uncomfortable? Make sure you stay away from spicy foods before bed. These types can cause heartburn and it can also damage your intestine and health.
It can spoil your whole day if you eat it.

10. Shower:

Image Source: ABC7 Los Angeles
Showering is good for health and doctor recommends it too, but showering just before going to bed is not good for sleep. Showering makes you wet and feels awake and if taken showers just before the bed, you will not be able to sleep properly.

Due to the wetness of your hair, and you will also feel fresh, this will cause you not to sleep.
Believe it or not, if you have already showered in the morning and you take another shower at night it can send the wrong message to your brain.

11. Don’t Forget to Turn off The Lights and heat:

Don’t Forget to Turn off The Lights and heat
Image Source: huppa.hu
According to the Sleep Academy, light affects our biological clock in accordance with light and dark. Light signals the body to produce less melatonin and the body’s production of melatonin, the body’s naturally occurring hormone that helps induce sleep. Try to get less light, the closer you get to your bedtime.

Also, your room temperature also affects your sleeping. You all have experienced summer nights that how hot it is. You know very well that how comfortable you get to sleep on summer nights, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, not being able to fall asleep because it’s so hot. It is proven that people tend to fall asleep faster and sleep better when the room temperature is cooler.

12. Hydrating Before Bed:

Hydrating Before Bed
Image Source: Silentnight
Hydrating is good for health, but if you overdo, especially just before the bed, it might cause you a problem. Drinking too many liquids before bed fills up your bladder ultimately resulting in frequent bathroom trips during the night.

Our body doesn’t need too much water before the bed, because, when our body is in rest mode and everything works well then it has a potential of self-digestion. Drink a small amount of liquid if you feel that your body needs it.

13. Fight with Your Significant Other:

Fight with Your Significant Other
Image Source: Google
Fighting with your Signification other is not a good thing and especially before bed causes stress, which may cause difficulty sleeping. According to reports, our brain uses same neurotransmitters for sleep and mood; it’s hard to know which starts first. Many Stressful situations or events, comes into a person’s life, such as money or marital problems, can often kick off insomnia that can become a long-term problem.”

At some point or another, we have all experienced a difficult night’s sleep. Maybe you begin thinking about everything that happened that day, your mind is racing over the day’s struggles, or you can’t stop thinking about the following day’s tasks. So, it’s better to take precaution earlier rather regretting. Your health is in your hand, and no one better can understand you than yourself, the things that your body needs and how to maintain it?

So, follow these steps and do share your knowledge with everyone from our comment section. So that everybody can know more about it.


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